10​ ​Garage​ ​Conversion​ ​Ideas​ ​to​ ​Improve​ ​your​ ​Home

A garage has a lot more potential than you can probably imagine. Considering the amount of space you have, you can convert it into something amazing. With a little creativity and sense of space, you can transform your unused garage into your very own comfort space.

There are various ways how you can utilise an unused garage. To get you started, we bring you ten of them.

1. Play​ ​Room

Convert your garage into a fun play room. Install swings, ropes, monkey bars and gym mats for your kids. It will be their own playground! You can also install an Xbox or a playstation, a ping-pong table. They can have their friends over and this is a healthy way to bond as well as develop an interest for sports.

2.​ A​ ​Guest​ ​Room/​ ​House

If your garage is of a moderate size, convert it into a guest room. You can convert it into a cosy guest house if it is big. This way you can always be ready for your friends or family who might visit you. You can use beautiful room dividers to separate the area. Put in comfortable furniture and bright curtains.

3.​ ​ ​ ​A​ ​Lounge​ ​bar

A garage is perfect to be used as a bar. You can add bar stools and a table with some more comfortable seating options. Stock up the fridge with liquor. Get bright rugs and stock up on some movies. You can even put up a stereo system and a television set for the complete effect. Invite your friends over and have a great party!

4.​ A​ ​Relaxing​ ​loft

Put in some comfortable furniture, kitchen supplies, clean sheets and indoor plants for a relaxation spot. You can spend your personal time reading and relaxing in your very own place. Make it a comfortable spot by putting relaxing lights and flowy curtains. You can even hang soothing paintings up on your wall for a therapeutic ambience.

5.​ ​ ​ ​A​ ​Romantic​ ​Hide-​ ​Out

Add some flowy curtains, a cosy bed, a squashy couch for a perfect romantic setting. You can also put in a mini fridge and a TV set to spend time with your partner. Think about putting a fireplace or an aquarium or even a hammock. You can have a candlelight dinner or do a movie date. Great personal place to bond with your loved one. Amazing to spend weekends here when it’s difficult getting out of the city.

6. A​ ​Family​ ​Living​ ​Room

Put in living room essentials like armchairs, couch, dinner table, a television set and bright lights for a relaxing living room setting. You can play board games with your family or catch up after a long week. You can even get a fireplace installed, put a bookshelf and get a soothing wallpaper. Great spot to bond with your family or hold family meetings.

7. The​ ​Guy’s​ ​Room

Make your very own space to chill with your friends. Get a pool table, board games, video games, darts, foosball table and rummy to make the perfect spot for you and your friends. Don’t forget to get a mini fridge and some basic kitchen appliances. Have a guys only party and order in pizza. Watch become everyone’s favourite.

8.​ ​Your​ ​Personal​ ​Gym

…without having to get a gym subscription! Convert your garage into a home gym and work out without having to pay a monthly fees. You can get gym weights and machines, yoga mats, skipping rope, hula hoop and whatever is convenient for you, considering the amount of space you have.

9.​ ​ Your​ ​Very​ ​Own​ ​Workplace

If you work from home, are a freelancer or a writer, it is perfect for you to convert your unused garage into a your own workplace. Get the required furniture, bookshelves, stationery and stock up. If you are an artist, get your canvas, some bright lights and art supplies.

10.​ A​ ​Home​ ​Cinema

Who doesn’t want to have their own private cinema hall? If you are a movie buff or love to binge watch your favourite tv series and have an unused garage, you can convert it into a cinema hall and enjoy countless movie sessions with friends and family. All you need is a big screen, quality sound equipments, comfortable seating, popcorn and soda. Keep a mini fridge for storing food and drinks. This can also be the place for a first date with your crush and see them absolutely loving it!

Don’t see a garage as just a place to hoard up your clutter. There are innovative ways with which you can utilise it in the most amazing ways. Just keep it mind the available space and your need. It is always great to ask for recommendations and opinions of your interior- designer friend. Be imaginative and see your garage transform into the best place of your house.

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