How​ ​to​ ​Make​ ​The​ ​Most​ ​Out​ ​Of​ ​Your​ ​Garage

We usually expect and hope to use our garage for projects and organized storage space but unfortunately end up putting all the clutter of the house in it. The garage can no longer be used efficiently.

Maintaining a garage seems tedious to most of us and unfortunately, it is easily the most ignored area of the household. We also overlook the pending repairs that a garage needs. We begin cluttering it and it becomes a vicious cycle in no time! What we have in the end is a garage full of unnecessary clutter and stuff that we might never even use.

To tell you the truth, a garage is a space that if you utilise effectively will become a convenient space to store and carry other activities too. The optimum usage of a garage will give you an opportunity to use it adequately for projects and other useful tasks.

You can convert it into a fully- functioning workshop! You can help your kids do their school projects or your own home projects and even carry your run- from- home business from a garage! The messy projects which include wood, paint and other mechanical tools can also be carried out here. This will protect your house from the unnecessary mess. It can be your very own workshop.

1. ​ ​Declutter

Begin with clearing out the garage space. Give away or sell all the items that you haven’t used in about a year. Don’t keep anything that you think you might not use in the future. Of course, think if you need a particular item or not but don’t give too much thought on as it will end up getting confused. Keeping things which you don’t use take unnecessary space. Decluttering is primary and essential but it’s also ok to hold onto things with which you have sentimental value attached.

In case you are still unable to go ahead with getting rid of any stuff, store them in another storage facility.

2.​ ​ ​ ​Storage​ ​Options

Vertical storage gives you a lot of free space. Use an empty wall space by wall- mounting your tools and accessories. You can even use pegboards and rail- type mounted organizers. This will give you more floor area and moving around space.

You can get compact cupboards to keep items which are delicate. Keeping them inside will also protect them from dust. The decision to get shelves or cupboards largely depends on your overall garage space.

3​. Ventilate

Don’t give up on your garage because it’s too hot or cold inside. Rather, you can install ductless heaters and air conditioners without having to connect to an existing unit to make the garage more comfortable. You can also put ceiling fans to cool the area and install dehumidifiers to get rid of excessive moisture.

4.​ ​ ​Reshelving​ ​and​ ​Rafters

Install free- standing shelves especially when you don’t park your car in the garage. Adding on shelves can help you maximize storage space with a thought after design. Keep the shelves towards the walls and leave walking space. Use rafters to put nets, hooks, bungee nets to hold items. You can also use the ceiling space. Use a ladder to reach up in such case. It’s preferred that the items that are not frequently used are put away in the ceiling area.

Some wise shelving can really transform your unorganized, cluttered, sloppy garage into a functionable area.

5.​ ​ ​Project​ ​On

Once your garage is de- cluttered, you can use it for performing school and home projects. Crafts and carpentry can be easy to do in your garage. Plan seating options according to the space. You can keep your tools on the vertical shelving.

Shelves can also divide your room and partition the garage from your workspace. You will get ample of space in your de- cluttered office and ready to work.

6.​ ​Transform​ ​it

If you don’t park your car in the garage and it is tools free, you can turn it into a wine cellar! You can also put your workout equipments and convert it into your own gym. Make it into a playroom or let your kids band practice here. Decide what you want to do according to the available space.

If you don’t want to convert it into a workshop, you can put in squashy arm chairs, a ping pong table, a mini fridge, a snacks bar, some low level tables and a television set too. It can be an entertainment room!

You can use your garage properly even if it is small. Google for ideas as to how can you utilise your small garage effectively. Just be patient with arranging stuff and re- arranging the tools and shelves. Ensure that the storage option you choose is narrow enough to work. Using minimum space for storage will also leave space for parking your car.

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