Furniture Suitable for Open Plan Living

Open plan homes are highly sought after, as they make living spaces feel larger, allow communication between various rooms of the house, provide more room for activities and encourage family interaction. With all that in mind, there is one arguable detriment of open plan living areas: That they can be hard to decorate given their […]

Dealing with A Roof Leak

When it rains, it pours, but hopefully never inside your home. Roof leaks are bound to happen unfortunately. The trick is to catch the roof leak early to avoid more headache down the road. Here are the ins and outs of dealing with roof leaks, from finding the source to choosing whether to pursue a […]

Remodeling Your Pool

Owning and maintaining a pool is no easy task. If you’re looking to update your pool, there are numerous resources to help you save money in the process. Knowing when to save money and when to invest more is key to making the best upgrades to your pool at the most reasonable price. The average […]

Get Better at Gutter Maintenance

Homeowners come up with expensive and elaborate ways to protect their homes, but one area that often gets neglected is the gutters. Your gutters and downspouts are vital for directing rainwater away from your home, so it doesn’t leak in your basement or destroy your home’s foundation. For your gutters to properly do their jobs, […]

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