3 Tips to Revive Your Lawn for Spring

After months of freezing cold temperatures and awful weather conditions, your lawn can end up in pretty bad shape. But, as the winter months slowly crawl to a close, it’s time to head outside and revive it once more.

Most people look at their lawn and assume the grass is the main point of concern. However, the secret to a perfect lawn lies in the soil. Bad weather can batter your lawn and leave the soil in a seriously bad condition. Here are a few easy tips that will show you all the things you can do to spring some life into your soil and revive your lawn once more:

Reseed Your Lawn

It’s common for a lot of people to look into their yard and be met with a patchy lawn that’s really taken a bad turn. Winter does this to many lawns all over the country, and it can be a hard situation to reverse. What you need to do is plant some new seeds in any of the patchy areas, or just reseed the entirety of your lawn. Make sure you pick grass that fits with the conditions in your yard. It has to work with your soil and needs to be suitable for the weather conditions. Then, you can get started by removing topsoil and planting the seeds. It’s better to water the newly seeded areas in the morning, but never go over the top, or you’ll drown your lawn. One final point, you can only reseed once the temperature has increased, your lawn isn’t iced over anymore, and the ground is soft.

Aerate Your Lawn

It’s important that you keep the soil loose below your lawn. This is because loose soil allows water and air to pass in and out, supplying your grass with everything it needs to grow and be healthy. During the winter, it’s easy for the soil to get really tight and squished up, usually thanks to the heavy rainfall and cold weather. This restricts the nutrients going to the grass and causes your lawn to look dead. You need to aerate your lawn and loosen up that soil once more. You can do this with manual aerators or ones with engines. Naturally, the engine-powered ones will do a quicker job, but they cost more. Regardless, make sure aeration takes place so your grass can feast on its precious nutrients.

Feed Your Lawn Nutrients

There’s a big chance you didn’t add any nutrients to your lawn throughout the winter. The last time you fertilized it was probably back in the fall before the weather got bad. So, your lawn is starved of many essential things needed to help it grow and look nice and green. Fertilize the soil and ensure all the nutrients get in there and start being eaten up by the grass. If you used the previous tip and aerated your lawn, then the soil will absorb everything a lot better.

That’s really all there is to it, three quick and easy tips that will help you revive your lawn for spring. Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance to ensure your lawn stays amazing all the way through summer too.

About the Author: Molly Davenport is a lawn care industry blogger and content writer working with lawn service businesses like Brookside Lawn Service in Medina, Ohio. She enjoys using her marketing and writing skills to help other lawn care service business owners.

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