4 Signs Its time to Upgrade to a New Home

A good house may feel like a home, but a house you are outgrowing may feel more like a sweater that’s a size too small. While nostalgia might make you want to stay, the fact is, if your home no longer adequately meets your needs, it is time to move. Here are some of the most important signs.

You Need to Double Up on Rooms

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One sign that it’s time for a new house is that the physical space in your home is no longer adequate for the people occupying it. If you are short on bedrooms and have been stacking the kids up in bunk beds, you might want to look at the real estate listings to see if there is a good replacement home out there. Another common sign of over-occupancy is long bathroom waits as people fight to get ready in the morning. When looking for a new house, be sure to figure out how big it needs to be to solve these problems.

Maintenance Costs Are Piling Up

Much like people, homes can start to have problems as they age. An aging home might not have issues with creaky bones and chronic illness, but it can certainly develop upsetting noises and idiosyncrasies. Even worse, delayed maintenance and the ravages of time can lead to problems in important home systems like the electrical grid and the HVAC system. If you’ve noticed a spike in the money you spend on maintenance or an increase in your utility bills, you might be able to save money on your housing expenses by getting a new home.

Costs Are Right

Watching the home market is an important part of deciding when to buy a new home. Over time, the values of houses in the market will fluctuate as the local economy changes.  The ideal situation would be to sell when property values in your neighborhood are up and values in the new neighborhood are down. Of course, this assumes that you are moving between different ownership situations; if you are moving from renting to buying, just watching the market conditions is enough to inform a decision.

The Neighborhood Is Declining

While your neighborhood may currently feel like home, the fact is that the makeups of regions change over time. If your particular region is starting to fall into decay, it might be better to move on than to continue to live in an area that will likely only get worse over time. Falling property values not only ruin your home investment, they may also make the area less safe. There are many common signs of a declining neighborhood, and while it’s possible to ignore one or two bad signs, hanging on in the hopes that things will turn around is counterproductive.

Moving on to a bigger and better home can be a great experience if you use the opportunity to find something awesome. Don’t fear the act of moving; embrace it as an important part of living.

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