6 Items To Address Before Listing Your Home For Sale

For the vast majority, selling your home is probably the largest financial transaction you will undertake in your lifetime.  Before you reach for a number in your head as to what you think your property is worth, do some due diligence work and speak with a real estate agent who specializes in selling in your area.  He can give you a detailed assessment and analysis of what your property will likely sell for.  It’s hardly recommended to go off of what the house down the street sold for because there are many different variables to consider.  While your agent works on gathering info for you, here are a few tips you can use to improve the desire and value of your home.  In real estate it’s all about demand and value.

Keep it neat – tidiness implies that a home has been looked over and cared for very well. It gives your prospective buyers a sense of comfort in knowing that you likely maintained your house over the years and that you addressed even the smallest of issues.  One of the biggest fears of your buyer will be the financial unknown of what is to come.  Make it easier on them by showing them that you have kept your house in tip-top shop over the years.

Choose your colors wisely – having a new, fresh coat of paint on your walls will go very far. Keep in mind that bright, flashy colors can be dicey in terms of personal taste.  Sticking with warmer, softer colors are inviting, soothing and make the rooms appear larger and, not to mention, are what is in style now a days.  If your walls are a 1960s avocado color then you will probably get a good return on your investment by modernizing the color, and your buyers will surely appreciate it too!

De-clutter – having boxes stacked up to the ceiling and collecting other old, unused, useless items is a huge turnoff to anyone visiting your home. Your new buyer doesn’t want to inherit dusty, meaningless trinkets or knic-knacks, they are looking for a fresh start when they move in.  You can help yourself in getting more offers on your home buy removing any excess items you may not need.   In addition, keeping clutter around makes your home look smaller, it doesn’t allow sunlight to shine through and keeps your buyers from envisioning what their furniture would look like in that space.  Give your home some breathing room but donating any unnecessary/unwanted items.

Fresh scented carpets – if your carpeting is too stained, dirty, odorous, or overly worn out then consider replacing the carpets. Not only will it be a much easier sell on your part, but if you don’t, your buyers will likely want compensation in the form of a lower purchase price or a seller credit at closing.  If your carpet just needs a little pick-me-up then consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner who can bring it back to like-new condition.  Not only will they be able to remove dirt and debris from the carpet, but they do a great job at removing stains from high traffic areas in your home.  On top of that, they use commercial grade equipment to remove odors from the base of the carpet.  This is great if your basement has ever flooded or if the area has a high moisture level.  If you’re a dog owner, you’ll notice that scents coming from any accident areas will be greatly diminished and oils and greases from your dogs will be lifted.  Not only that, but the technician has gentle deodorizing scents that leave your home smelling fresh and clean.  This is one investment that has a high payoff!

Keep the plumbing healthy – if your home is located in a remote or rural area, or it’s simply an older home, it is probable that you have a septic tank. Septic tanks are individual systems located underground that takes care of wastewater coming from your home.  You can provide peace of mind to any potential buyer by proving that you have given routine maintenance to your septic system.  Septic tank pumping needs to be routinely performed roughly every 3-5 years depending on the size of your tank.  If you can provide a statement to your buyers showing you just had your tank pumped, this is another responsibility you have taken off their shoulders for 3-5 years.  Replacing a septic tank can be extremely costly if it wasn’t taken care of, so a simple pump ever few years is definitely worth it.

The rear end – having great curb appeal and back side appeal helps tremendously when selling a home. Clean up the area in the back as much as possible and if the area looks bare then plant some inexpensive flowers or shrubbery to add color and fullness.  If there are patchy areas of grass then purchase some seeds of grass from your local home and garden store and spread them generously throughout the lawn.  Seeds are very resilient and sprout in as little as a week.  Trust me, green on the lawn helps put green in your pocket!

Implement these 6 tips when trying to sell your home and you are sure to realize the upside potential you were hoping for.  Remember, staging your home is vitally important for a quick, top-dollar sale.  Don’t skimp on the smaller ticket items, and P.S., great smelling candles also help.

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