8 Easy Kitchen Design Mistakes and how to fix them!

With all the attention and planning needed to go into it, designing a kitchen is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks when renovating a home.

More often than not, homeowners find themselves rushing into it, making costly mistakes that ruin both the kitchen’s design and functionality. It is so easy to slip up here, and we’ve all been guilty of one at least one error in judgement.

Here are 8 of the most common kitchen design mistakes, and what you can do ensure you don’t make the same costly kitchen blunders.

1. Too Little Counter Space

The kitchen counter is the most important facet of your kitchen, and as soon as you deny yourself enough space, you soon realize its importance.

You need enough space to cook, prepare meals, put appliances… even place your groceries. Creating good counter space doesn’t always come cheap, but your kitchen will be all the better for it. After all, space is not something you can easily add after installation.

So always be extra careful when planning to take into account exactly how much counter space you’ll need. The last thing you want is a space that leaves you feeling claustrophobic and unable to cook in.

2. Forgetting Functionality

The placement of your kitchen fixtures and appliances will greatly affect the functionality of your kitchen. Appliances like the stove, refrigerator and sink should be strategically placed. Keep this in mind as you remodel.

Place your oven at the center of your kitchen to aid airflow, install the sink away from where electrical fixtures will go, and try to assign permanent places to appliances so that everything is always within reach.

3. Failing to Budget Appropriately

Remodeling your kitchen is certainly not a cheap investment, and there are no shortcuts. Believe me, you don’t want to have a shoddy or dangerous kitchen space due to you spending your money poorly.

The best you can do is plan your budget in advance. This should happen even before you decide to consult a professional or check in at the store. Identify the items you can easily afford so you know what you will be working with. If you are are really looking to personalize your kitchen space, then be prepared to spend a good amount of cash. However most importantly, formulate a budget and try as much as possible to stick to it.

4. Getting too Carried Away with Current Trends

We usually find ourselves trying to keep up with current trends in almost everything we do. When it comes to kitchen remodeling it is imperative to keep the future in mind. Remember that one day you might want to sell your house: A kitchen design that was fashionable quite some years back but now seems dated will easily put off potential buyers.

5. Doing It Solo

For some of us we daren’t get involved in any project without the help or guidance of a team of friends or professionals. Others… well, they go their own way.

Do not assume that you are better off alone, deciding to remodel the kitchen by yourself. Professional help is always needed. It is quite easy to get lost in your own ideas and settle for a design that is some way short of your kitchen’s potential.

Meeting up occasionally with a design expert may seem time consuming but it is ultimately worth it. During the remodeling process, you will find yourself benefiting from the safety net of constructive advice from someone who has considerable experience in putting a kitchen together. This guarantees that at the end of it all you will end up with a great cooking space.

6. Selecting Kitchen Appliances Last

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is selecting the kitchen appliances last. Experts’ advice is actually that you do this before you start remodeling your kitchen. This is because it will help you touch base with the kind of cabinets and countertops that will easily fit with the kitchen appliances you already have, as well as ensure that you even have space to accommodate them.

7. Undermining the Lighting of Your Kitchen

Second to the appliances, lighting is the most important thing in your kitchen. It is what sets the mood while also brightening up the different areas and levels of the room. There are thousands of kitchen lighting options you can choose from online. It is up to you to do some research and see what will give your kitchen the kind of final touches you want.

8. Installing Cupboards that Can’t Open at the Same Time

Oh boy. A huge one, and one we’ve maybe all fallen prey to. Placing two cabinets too close to each other is a huge mistake. When designing your kitchen, visualize the entire set up. See how every single door will open. To help yourself get it right, imagine all the doors in your kitchen are open.

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