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Air Conditioners Maintenance: Easy Tips To Prep Your Unit for the Summer

When summer time is around the corner and scorching hot days will become the usual for the next couple of months you’ll want to make sure that your air conditioner is fit to provide some relief.

Needless to say, it is always advisable that you rely on an air conditioner professional to come and inspect your unit, check the ductwork and look into the filters. Air conditioners are sensitive devices and if you let someone untrained to review it you can easily damage it.

A well maintained AC unit will run more efficiently, use less energy and cost less money to run. It will also last longer before needing to be replaced.

That said, maintaining an air conditioner is essential. Some tasks can be done by the average homeowner, while others should only be performed by people with the proper training and a license.

If at any time you’re uncomfortable with performing maintenance tasks yourself, never hesitate to call on a professional to do it. No matter what air conditioner you have, here are some tips and tricks that you can easily do.

Change The Filters

This is probably the most important element in an air conditioner and it deserves full attention. Every air conditioner has an air filter and, if you don’t change it or clean it, the airflow will be ineffective and weak. Professionals suggest looking into the filters in your AC unit  at least twice a year. If you have pets or many visitors at your house, you’ll probably  need to clean and change them more often.

For window and wall-mounted units, you can open the air conditioner following the manufacturer’s instructions and remove the filters to clean. It is advisable that you dust off the filter and rinse with lukewarm soapy water, then dry. Once the filter is dry, place iit back in the unit.

Clean The Coils

Coils help move the hot and cold air, so it is important that you keep them free from dirt and dust that can easily clog them. If you own a central air conditioning system, it is quite simple to clean the outdoor condenser unit before having a professional to inspect the rest of the parts. Homeowners should take a look at the unit and see if there’s any grass clippings, dirt or debris blocking the exterior fins.  It is best to call a qualified professional to clean the coils.

Check For Common Problems

There are many common issues that can affect your air conditioner. That said, professionals suggest keeping an eye on your AC unit so that you can notice immediately if anything doesn’t seems or looks right.

Weak airflow, leakages or icy coils can indicate that there’s a blockage in your air conditioner or that the filter is clogged. Leaks can indicate that the tubes and pumps are either damaged or blocked and you’ll definitely need to call a professional.

Clear Roadblocks In The Airflow

Airflow is critical to make cooling systems. That said, homeowners need to ensure that there aren’t any dressers, beds, books or clothes blocking the air vents.

Regular air conditioner maintenance is essential, especially when summertime is approaching and we’ll start using our AC unit regularly. Having a professional review our unit and make sure that it has no serious issues that will lead to malfunctioning will allow us to stay fresh when days are hot.

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