Antique Living Room Ideas for Your Home

In the last decade, an interest in vintage and antique looks for the home has reemerged.  What was once a consumer society focused solely on the cutting-edge and ultra modern has now taken a step back to appreciate the finer things.

So, where has this newfound love of older pieces and vintage looks come from?  Perhaps the economy has played a role – more and more families simply have less money to spend on trivial things of lower quality.  Investing in antique furniture may have a higher price upfront, but these pieces are sustainable and usually of excellent quality.

Today it seems as though people are looking to the past in order to give their homes an updated look.  Going with an antique look for the living room – or perhaps the library – doesn’t mean that the décor will be boring and old-fashioned.  In fact, a more mature approach to decorating one’s home can be unique and stylish.

The antique library in a modern home

It isn’t as difficult to give even the most modern of homes an antique feel with just a little effort.  The library is a good place to start – a few antique bookcases and vintage furniture can really achieve this look.  Buying just a few vintage and antique pieces can add character to the home while also uniquely complementing modern furniture already there.

The good news is that one doesn’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on antique pieces.  Why not consider restoring some old furniture for a distinctive antique look?  Picking up a few items that could be restored can save considerable amounts of money and make one’s classic home makeover complete.  Finding a dusty old chandelier, an old wooden coffee table, or some tall vintage bookcases are often the perfect pieces to complete any library.  Or, finding an old chaise sofa that just needs a new covering could do wonders!

Look for old pieces that need a new home at furniture fairs, garage sales, auctions, specialty shops, and on the Internet.  And don’t forget to negotiate prices – especially on pieces that need a little love.

Other vintage interior design ideas

Achieving an antique look in the home doesn’t always come down to the furniture.  The type of wallpaper and paint, accessories and trinkets, and color schemes also contribute to the look and feel of a room.  These things should be considered carefully.  For example, muted pastel shades such as mint green, duck egg blue, and pale pink are commonly associated with classical periods.  Bright colors and primary shades are reserved for more modern looks.

One of the best ways to successfully incorporate an antique look in any room is through the use of wallpaper, but it is important to get it right.  The wallpaper should make a statement, but also tie the room together.  Choosing a paper featuring a floral pattern or vintage design is likely to be the best bet.  It will help to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere so prevalent among antique homes.

Accessories will also help achieve the look of the room.  In an antique-themed library for example, one may want to include old books as part of the décor.

The key to getting that antique look is to leave the anxiety behind, focus on beauty, and experiment with making chic pieces of yesteryear work in a modern home.

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