How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Most families usually spend most of their time in the living room. In fact, we can associate the living room with a social hub. This is the bonding area for a family.

Additionally, a living room is also an excellent place for visitors to sit and enjoy as you talk with each other.

It is important to take some time to think about how you will make your living room comfortable and beautiful.

If you are looking for the best solution for how you should arrange your room, then make sure you do the following for an elegant look.

1. Measure the Living Room’s Size


If you have just moved into a new place, then you will need to know the size of the living room. Through this process, you can determine which type of furniture you will buy for the room.

Drawing by hand is the easiest way. Additionally, you can use a graph paper to draw the room. Simply scale down the size of the room using an appropriate scale ratio. You can also decide to use paper cutouts for the furniture if you do not want to draw the individual furniture.

You can determine the number of sofas that will be enough for the room by measuring the room. Interior designers advise that you should not put a lot of furniture for the chamber. You can buy best folding chairs if you need extra seating.

On the other hand, drawing up all those dimensions can be difficult for some. Use a room planner that you can find on the internet.

2. Determine a Focal Point

Focal points are areas in the living room that will have more attention.  The focal point will act as the central place for the whole room.

This point in the room is the first to attract and make your guests feel invited. People choose focal points based on the most attractive things in the house. For instance, the window, lighting, a fireplace, your television set, paintings, pictures, and much more.

3. Determine Conversation Areas


The living room is an area of bonding. Because people will spend most of their time conversing with each other, then it is crucial that you place your furniture in a way that people will talk comfortably.

Put the chairs facing each other so that none of you strains by keeping on turning his/her head when talking to the other person.

You should make sure that none of the seats rests on the wall.  This is because chairs resting create a rougher environment for conversing. Make sure that the seats are close to each other so that you can create an intimate environment for chatting.

Additionally, you can add an area carpet to the conversing area. However, ensure that the carpet is not small. Make sure that at least the seats’ front legs rest on the carpet.

You should place coffee tables at the center of this area. Choose a coffee table that is at least lower in height than your sofas.

4. Determine How Traffic Will Flow In and Out Of the Living Room

Ensure that there is enough space to control how people walk into and out of the room. You do not want to create a situation where people bump into furniture while walking into the room.

Leave a larger space for the entrance to the living room. This is to ensure that people enter and leave the room easily.

Use the extra space to put the folding chairs. For instance, if you have guests at home, then you can place these chairs on the extra space. You can also use the folding chair if you want to sit closer to the fireplace.


Guests do not want to leave your house if you have a comfortable living room. Ensure that they enjoy everything when they visit you.

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