Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Most visitors to your home will probably never see your bathroom. One woman dumped all her dirty laundry into the tub and closed the shower curtain on it, knowing her guests would not venture into the master bath. Since bathrooms are not highly visible, they are often the most neglected and out-of-date rooms in our homes. Not only does an unsightly and antiquated bathroom affect the resale value of your home, you deserve the beauty and comfort a bathroom remodel can give you.

You can actually do some remodeling projects yourself. These are things like countertop replacements and installing a new toilet. You could probably put on a fresh ycoat of paint yourself as well. Still, bathroom remodels can be tricky; You need to do your homework. Not all floor materials are suitable for bathrooms. Neither are wall coverings. In addition, covering up a problem might lead to a greater one. You never want to mask mildew or mold, for instance. These minor facelifts might make your bathroom feel more presentable, but to increase your home’s value, and to add to the functionality of your bath, a real remodel is called-for.

If you are considering investing the money involved in bathroom remodeling, you will want to contact experienced contractors. Knowledgeable and skilled people like those at can help you decide what you want to change, and then help you change it without spending more than you must. Bathroom remodels are not cheap.  That is because they entail so many things. You must deal with electric wiring and plumbing as well as with aesthetics. Ambient and functional lighting is a must. Perhaps a specialized shower that feels and looks like an outdoor waterfall is in your sights. You might be thinking about a skylight or a sunlamp. Bathrooms have so many components and it takes expertise to put all the elements together in one pleasing whole. You need someone expert at bathroom remodels because repairs of mistakes or reinstalls come with a hefty price tag.

Speaking of price, what does a bathroom remodel cost? The national average is $9,563. Of course, a powder room, half or three-quarter bath will cost less, but the most popular bathroom remodeled is the master bathroom. Do you just want to update the room, change the layout or do a complete remodel?  Depending on the size of the room and on the depth of the remodel, you could spend $15,000 to $18,000 on the project. Some of that cost is off-set by what the remodel adds to the resale value of your home. Fifteen years ago, when the housing boom was in full swing, the ROI on a bathroom remodel was almost 100 percent. Today, it is closer to 60 percent.

If you don’t intend to sell your home soon, though, you might look at a different return on your investment. Settling into a hot bath in a comfortable, relaxing room is worth a lot after a hectic day. Your enjoyment of a new bath is as important as the amount a remodel adds to the value of your home.

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