The Best 6 Plants to Grow Inside During Winter

Once you have finished preparing your garden for winter, and the snow begins to fall, gardening outside just doesn’t make sense. Yet, just because the snow has arrived doesn’t mean that your green thumbs stop tingling. So, if you want to continue gardening in the winter, planting indoors makes the most sense.

Indoor gardening also offers unique opportunities that don’t always work in outdoor gardens. For instance, in most climates, aloe or snake plants simply wouldn’t work if you tried to plant them outside. At the same time, they make for some of the best and heartiest indoor plants.

When considering where to plant your indoor plants, depending on their size, the best option is usually to place them on the windowsill. That way they have the best opportunity to receive the sunlight that they need.

1. Aloe


Aloe plants come in many sizes so you could easily home a small aloe plant on your windowsill. For a natural look plant your aloe in a small clay pot. To add a desert or south-western atmosphere consider interspersing cacti in between the aloe plants.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plants make for excellent indoor plants. They are hearty and don’t require as much light as most plants. So, if you live in a flat, apartment or house with low lighting then a snake plant is an excellent option. Moreover, they don’t need water very often either. If you tend to forget to water your plants and need some hearty greenery, then the snake plant is definitely a top option!

3. Tomatoes

If you enjoy cooking then why not grow some indoor plants which you can eat too? When you grow tomatoes in your home, you can use them in a variety of different dishes. For instance, small cherry tomatoes go well with both salads and sauces. Instead of using canned pasta sauce when you grow your own tomatoes you can create your own sauce out of your home-grown tomatoes.These tiny tomatoes grow best along window sills where they can soak up plenty of light.

4. Chillies

Are you a fan of spicy foods? Then grow chillies on your windowsill! There are countless different types of chillies to choose from. Then once your chillies are all grown, you can add them to a variety of different dishes. Like tomatoes, they go well in salads and sauces. You could even add them to a stir-fry for an extra kick!These small vegetables won’t take up much space either. So, you could even add a couple of pots to your window sill.

5. Philodendron

The philodendron is a classic houseplant. It’s vibrant green leaves will add a burst of colour to any room. Plus, it is a plant which can tolerate low lighting levels. This means that you don’t necessarily have to place your philodendron on the windowsill. Instead, you could place it on a side table which receives indirect sunlight.

6. Mint

Mint is another top plant for your indoor garden if you enjoy cooking. The smell of mint is unmistakable fresh and can be added to many sauces, pasta and salads. Many also drink mint tea, meaning you have plenty of culinary options for your window sill mint plant!

So there you have it! We hope this list of our top choice of plants to grow inside winter will give you plenty of inspiration! Whether you want to add more flavor to your dishes or to add more oxygen to your home during those stuffy winter months, growing plants inside is a rewarding option. And once spring comes around if you don’t feel up to another round of gardening, you can also hire gardeners in London on the Bidvine website!

Bio: Sarah Empey is a writer for Bidvine, the fastest way to find and hire local professionals. Sarah enjoys writing about the latest trends in gardening, DIY, and other topics related to home improvement.

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