How You Can Start Living in Your Own House In Just 2 Months


Amidst the race of making money and saving it, we skip away the priority to live independently in our own house. We fail to realize that, it’s possible to rent out an apartment in the same cost that we’re paying in shared accommodation or Paying Guest rooms.

This is a personal story of Rahul Sharma (name changed) who got his own house within two months of shifting in Bangalore. He lived with a friend for 2 months after joining his new job in Bangalore and used these simple steps to get his own 1 BHK apartment in Bangalore.

1. Cut down on all unnecessary expenses

Skip the dessert after the meals, quit smoking and no more cola with your food. He saved up a lot of money using this simple technique. He also started working out at home and did not join a gym to save up for his new house.

It was quite challenging in the beginning but, he was saving a lot of money and invariably, living a healthy life. Skipping junk and eating at home saved him loads of money and time.

2. Look-up prospective flats on NestAway

He had set his target savings amount to pay the deposit. NestAway charges only two month’s rents as security deposit compared to ridiculous demands of flat owners and real estate agents.

They do not charge any brokerage or finder’s fee. You can browse shared apartments and independent 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments for rent in major cities in India, through their website or app.

It’s an easy alternative to living in a PG. Check out or download their app.

3. Decide and save a fixed amount of money from your salary for 2 months

An average Engineer or a Digital Marketer, is well paid enough to save money for paying two months’ rent as security deposit. Unless, of course, if you have any prior commitments with respect to money.

If that’s the case, you could still find yourself a nice house with your own fully furnished room in a shared house. NestAway maintains all the furnishings at no additional cost.

4. Find some freelance work

Rahul works in the video industry and he found loads of freelance work to add to his primary source of income. He opted to freelance and get more money because he wanted a bigger flat. He could’ve settled for 1 RK apartment in Bangalore but he opted for a 1 BHK flat.

You could find some freelance work on multiple online platforms related to your industry and make those extra bucks if you wish to live in a bigger flat like Rahul.

5. Take the leap of faith in online platforms

You pay the deposit, rent and submit the documents through the app itself. No need to interact with any flat owner. You can see all the owner details and their documents through your account. You get the rent receipts on your account that you can print anytime you want. This is how NestAway delivers their service.

Make sure you go thoroughly check the customer support reviews before paying any money. Many frauds exist in the internet sphere.

Follow these five simple steps to move into your independent apartment within the span of two months from now. It’s not difficult. Many people like Rahul are opting for this method. This is the secret to staying in your own house which many people don’t know about. Make use of it before it becomes popular and expensive. All the best!


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