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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

There are lots of reasons to keep your carpet clean and long lasting and money is not the most important one. A high-quality, beautiful carpet will improve the comfort and decor of your home and its regular maintenance will keep your home clean and dust-free. Also, if you take a good care of your carpet, it will last twice as long and look fresh years after the purchase, which is really important if you invested in a high-quality carpet.

Some people avoid having carpets thinking that their homes will be more hygienic. This doesn’t have to be true – if you follow these easy tips, your carpets will be spotless for years.

Carper Cleaning Tips

Proper and regular vacuuming

If you want to keep your house clean and your carpet long lasting, one of the main ways to achieve this is to vacuum your floors on a regular basis. There’s no rule on how often you should do the vacuuming (it depends on traffic and the material), but once a week is a minimum. Also, the vacuum cleaner and the method you’re using are equally important. You can use suction, rotation bar, beater bar and cleaners with or without water. Pay attention to the height of your vacuum – if it’s too low, you could damage the carpet and if it’s too high, the job won’t be done properly (you won’t remove all dirt).

Occasional deep cleaning

If you want to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly disinfected, call professional cleaning services to do this for you. Always look for certified, reliable, cleaning service whose employees are fully trained to take care of your carpet and use products which are suitable for its fabric. If you vacuum on a regular basis and take your shoes off before you step on the carpet, hiring a cleaning service once per year is quite enough. You might consider steam cleaning – professionally cleaned carpets dry a lot faster.

Taking your shoes off

In many countries around the world, it’s perfectly normal to take your shoes off when entering a home, leaving them in the hallway or in the shoe cabinet. This good habit will keep your floors clean and dangerous germs which are found on the soles of your shoes will stay away from carpets. This will definitely cut down your carpet maintenance bills. Also, hard soles may damage the delicate fabric, especially if the traffic in your home is quite busy. It’s much better to invest in several pairs of soft slippers than risk your health and bother with cleaning floors and carpets every day.

Choose mild and eco-friendly cleaning products

Each time you use toxic cleaners, you’re making a heavy impact on your environment. Also, aggressive chemicals found in most cleaners can damage the carpet’s fabric and floors and affect the occupants’ health. Using such products isn’t necessary as each cleaning solution has its green, organic alternative. Even if you can’t do without strong products, introduce natural cleaning solutions, at least once in a while. Safe carpet cleaners are usually dry, which means that there is less chance for mold growth (which is not uncommon with standard commercial cleaners).

Cleaning the stains instantly

Whether you spilled coffee, wine or your kids simply ruined your carpet with crayons, you need to try to remove those stains as soon as possible. Regardless of the carpet material and color, certain stains will become permanent and impossible to remove if you don’t take all necessary measures. If you don’t know how to safely remove a stain on your carpet, you may check out the warranty – it probably includes a stain removal chart. When removing stains, be gentle – don’t use rough brush, too much water and aggressive spot cleaning solvents.

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