The Best 6 Plants to Grow Inside During Winter

Once you have finished preparing your garden for winter, and the snow begins to fall, gardening outside just doesn’t make sense. Yet, just because the snow has arrived doesn’t mean that your green thumbs stop tingling. So, if you want to continue gardening in the winter, planting indoors makes the most sense.

Indoor gardening also offers unique opportunities that don’t always work in outdoor gardens. For instance, in most climates, aloe or snake plants simply wouldn’t work if you tried to plant them outside. At the same time, they make for some of the best and heartiest indoor plants.

Explore Your Garden this Summer

Do you not think it is time to give that wilderness you call a garden a makeover in time for the summer?  During winter months most people tend to forget about their garden, this often results in huge grass growth, weed growth, overgrown hedges and much more. With the unstable weather in the UK it is not often that we see sunshine, so why not enjoy it this summer by giving your garden a makeover!