Detailed Guide To Choosing Roof Windows

If you ever wanted to expand the living space of your house, you probably have considered a loft conversion. Or maybe you live in a flat which was converted from a loft. One way or another you will need, at one point, to install roof windows. This guide will cover all you need to know in order to make the right choice. However, be sure to consult your choice with the producer websites like Fakro as they usually offer a lot of advice and insights into windows. (more…)

Home Construction Innovation

Recent technological advances in home construction and materials have snowballed a revolution of ideas that are changing the way in which the industry operates. Looking at projects and companies like Home Nation, we can see that modern, beautifully designed, surdy homes are more affordable than ever before. At the same time, the pallete of custom features has not diminished – quite the opposite! (more…)

Does Your Property Need Rainscreen Cladding?

As our climate seems to head away from warm and dry or cold and dry and increasingly towards wet, we are forced to look at our buildings from a different viewpoint.  At one time, we would have aimed for them to withstand snow or ice, perhaps the occasional burst of heat in the summer.  However, now we have to deal with more rain, often for longer periods of time and in increasing strength.  This is where rainscreen cladding comes in – so what does it do and does your building need it? (more…)