Alternative Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Savvy

We’ve all heard the generic household efficiency tips  like stuffing your home full of insulation, buying carpets rather than hardwood flooring and installing double glazed window frames, but what else can you do? For whatever reason, the generic advice provided by 99% of websites on this topic may not work for you or perhaps you just want to go a step further. The tips mentioned before are definitely recommended, which is why they are so widely recognised, but there are other ways you can save money in your home. On this page you’ll find three alternative ways that you can keep the savings rolling in. (more…)

The Battle For Internet Protocol Dominance Has Begun!

Are you familiar with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)? If not, then you should be. Our experts at smarthomeSAGEprediect that BLE will be the network protocol of the future, the technology that connects smart devices over great distances and allows them to communicate with one another. As we gradually transition into worldwide smart homes, this will be a necessary technology in virtually every home. (more…)

Home Electrical Hazards You Should Avoid

Sure, your home should be the safest place in all of the entire universe. After a hard day at work, long hours of travelling back home, all you should worry about is what TV show to watch and what you’re going to eat for dinner. But the sad truth is, there are dangers of all kinds lurking inside your property if you’re not careful enough to detect them before they do you harm. One kind of danger you should prevent from happening is caused by your home’s electrical system and appliances. Here are some tips on how to eliminate different household electrical hazards. (more…)