Top Trends in Home Security

As technology improves, so do the options available in the home security industry. It has never been easier, or more effective, to protect your family and your belongings. So what is trending in the home security market today? What features can you implement to help keep your home safer than ever? Here is a look at the top three home security trends for 2018:

Incorporating Home Automation

Home automation has come so far in the past few years. It now allows you to control nearly everything in your home from a device. From thermostats to lightbulbs to speakers and beyond, home automation makes it effortless to do pretty much anything in regard to your home. And now, home security can also be controlled via your smartphone, virtual assistant, or whatever other device you use.

Home automation is becoming more and more popular for a couple reasons:

  • Peace of Mind – With a home automation system, you can check on your house and the contents in it no matter where you are. Not only can you login and check your cameras and current security levels whenever you want, you can also set up instant notifications anytime there is motion detected by your cameras.
  • Convenience – How many times have you left your house, only to have to turn around because you forgot to lock the door? With home automation, you can lock the door from your device so you can save yourself the time of going back home.

Integrated Home Security Systems

These days, home security is so much more than door alarms and motion sensors. Today’s homeowners are loving the options available to them to ensure their families stay safe. With an integrated home security system, you can incorporate several types of security that will all work together to protect your home. Some of the options available to add into your system include:

  • Alarm System – This is probably what you think of when you initially think of home security: an alarm sounds when a door or window gets broken into, and the monitoring center is notified. An alarm system is at the core of any comprehensive home security system.
  • Surveillance Cameras– For a clear view of all corners of your home, both inside and out, you can install surveillance cameras. Some homeowners opt for cameras just at the main entries of the home, while others want to keep an eye on everything. Either way, today’s surveillance cameras can be accessed right through your phone.
  • Motion Sensors – These provide an extra layer of protection just in case someone is able to outsmart the door and window entry alarms. If any motion is detected, the alarm will sound and the monitoring center will be notified.
  • Addition Safety Sensors – For complete peace of mind, many integrated security systems also incorporate fire sensors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and medical emergency alerts.

Wireless Systems

Gone are the days of wired systems that require extensive installations and carry the inherent risk of getting the cables cut. With wireless home alarm systems, you can get the same benefits of a wired home security system, such as the dependability and instant notification of a break-in, but you can also enjoy these additional perks:

  • Simple Installation – With no wall holes or complicated wiring necessary, installing a wireless system is so simple you could do it yourself. Some wireless systems do still require screws on the wall to attach the sensors, while others can use removable, heavy-duty adhesives to stay in place.
  • Protection Against Cut Lines – With a wired system, burglars can cut your phone or power lines and render your system useless; however, with a wireless system, this risk is evaded.
  • Long-Term Use – Since the systems are not actually connected to the home, they are extremely portable. You can take them with you when you move, and you can even use them in a rental without upsetting your landlord.
  • Fast Upgrades – If you move into a larger home or decide you want to add more features to your system, you can easily configure new components to the system—no technician required.

With these incredible trends in the home security industry, it is easier than ever to protect your livelihood and your loved ones. Whether you incorporate home automation, opt for an integrated alarm system, or go with a wireless system, you will soon see why these features are trending.