Why Choose PVC-U Windows And Doors For Your Home

When designing your new home or renovating your property, one of the decisions you must make is the kind of furniture and fixtures to get. With new technologies and styles, the options for windows and doors in particular can be overwhelming. Those made from PVC-U can be an excellent option for your home.

In recent years, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or PVC-U windows and doors have become popular and are now being widely used in homes. PVC-U windows manufacturers have gained popularity because they have plenty of merits that homeowners can appreciate. What’s more, the options they provide are more stylish and trendier.

Choosing to install PVC-U windows and doors will be one of the best decisions you can make to boost your property’s usability and functionality.

5 Reasons for Installing PVC-U Windows and Doors

1. Durability

Because of the manner in which PVC-U windows and doors are manufactured, they are strong and reliable. They are made out of more durable materials. Because they are designed to be resilient and long-lasting, it is highly unlikely that you would need to change your windows and doors again.

 PVC-U ensures that your windows and doors will stand the test of time and won’t ever lose their shape.

2. Easy to maintain

PVC-U windows and doors are not prone to flaking, rotting, corroding, rusting, and fading. Also, they only require little maintenance. After all, they are rigid, weatherproof, and can easily be cleaned with occasional wipe-downs.

Their locking mechanism, though, may require oiling from time to time.

3. Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

PVC-U windows and doors are known for their high level of insulation. They will keep you warm during winter. They are also sound-proof, which can considerably cut noise levels and decrease stress levels. For excellent sound insulation, you can either opt for double or triple glazed windows.

Professional window installers will use weather-proof silicone sealants for sealing gaps around the masonry wall and the PVC-U window. This will create an effective barrier. It prevents the penetration of dust during extreme weather conditions and water during rain.

Due to the fact that PVC-U windows and doors will keep out dampness and cold as well as prevent warm air from escaping, you will end up using less electricity. And this will have a positive impact on your energy bills.

 Saving energy is what makes this material environment-friendly.

4. Enhanced Security

PVC-U windows and doors are known to provide a good level of security. Since they are reinforced with galvanized steel, breaking them down or forcing them open will be too difficult. A multi-point lock or a single-point lock can also be installed in the windows to enhance security. Furthermore, PVC-U is a stable material that is pollution-resistant, seawater-resistant, flame retardant, and chemical-proof.

5. Warranty

Reliable PVC-U window manufacturers often give one year warranty on the hardware and a minimum warranty of 10 years for the PVC-U profiles.

Remember, though, that PVC-U windows and doors have a tendency to sag because of their lightweight properties, and that their structure is not strong enough. Too much heat may also cause ruptures in their frames. But after sales teams of reputable manufacturers will be prompted to address unexpected problems:

  • Realignment of windows
  • Repair of broken handles
  • Hinges or sashes
  • Checking for water penetration
  • Replacing broken glass
  • Addressing problems in the rollers and sliders for sliding sash windows.

PVC-U windows and doors cater to a rapidly growing market around the world. Most homeowners are now keen on buying aesthetically appealing, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and long-lasting products for their homes.

PVC-U windows and doors are meant to weather the storms better than usual windows, preventing rust and mold. Keeping them clean and shiny is an easy task as well. And when you need a replacement, these types of windows can be recycled.

Definitely, PVC-U windows and doors are worth your investment. They are best for all types of properties with respect to their many great benefits and low cost. So whether you want to change your property’s character, lower your energy bills, or ramp up security, PVC-U windows and doors are certainly your perfect choice.


Carmen Vellila is an experienced Brand Manager currently overseeing the strategic development of multiple brands as part of the Epwin Group. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), specializing in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing.


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