How to Choose the Right Interior Color For Your Home

American architecture has always welcomed bright colors, but there are some things to consider as you start shopping around for your next paint color choice for your home. First, you have to decide what look you’re hoping to get and what style your furniture is in the house. Are you looking for more light in the house, or are you trying to raise the bar of elegance in the rooms? These are some questions to answer before shopping for paint.

Now that you’ve decided on the look and feel of your home, here are some things you want to be aware of before jumping on that paint brush and getting started. Painting molding or doorways either lighter or darker than the primary wall color is an essential concept that will add charm to your rooms. It’s important to look for ways to draw attention to details in your rooms and living areas.

Different colors in the same room is a new trend that has captured many hearts. This pattern is typically used by younger families and individuals; however, a wide range of consumers have come to love it. Before you can start considering colors to combine, you want to ensure they go together and blend well with your room accessories and furniture. The last thing you want is two colors that not only do not mix well, but they don’t go well with your couch or bedroom bed.

What you want to do at all times is look for continuity throughout the house. As you make your choices, keep in mind the purpose the particular room serves and how you want it to feel. Because in the end, how the house as a whole makes you feel, is what it is all about. You want to love everything about it.

One thing that has not changed and it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon is the white and off-white traditional molding, windows, and doors colors paint. This blends extremely well with any of your wall colors and choices and should remain.

If you’re going for a more dramatic or contemporary edge with a bright color wall, you have to combine it with white or neutral colors for blending purposes. Otherwise, the room will feel like it belongs to your teenager and they are the ones who painted it. This choice is popular because it fits many creative people’s character and therefore is an essential tip that should not be taken lightly, because of the possible adverse results you can have on your walls if the blending does not work.

Remember to choose colors that represent you. Often homeowners will make decisions based on what other people said looks good, or because they want to impress their friends or other reasons. While this may work at times and you’ll end up loving the paint, you don’t want to leave this to chance, but rather make choices that you know you’ll like. If you have to go ahead and try several paint samples before making final decisions. It is your home, impress yourself.

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Jason Coke’s extensive 10 year experience in the housing industry as Nortex Painting and Gutters CEO, brings a unique vision to the painting industry on how deliver products and services to customers. Mr. Coke’s experience is diverse and includes collaboration with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area’s top interior designers and decorators. He also has been involved in construction of homes with one of the nation’s largest home builders.

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