Choosing the Best Kitchen Faucets for Your New Kitchen

Best kitchen faucets

Best kitchen faucets – Kitchen faucets have lot of impeccable and amazing features that makes it an important part in modern kitchens. Gamut is covered in different varieties of faucets for kitchen. For faucets, you need to consider mount options, type, material finish, pout reach, height, and exact number of handles. New technologies have started finding their own way for faucets by introducing touch-on and hands –free sets.

What is the conclusion we get from the above information? We think the overall meaning of the above information ends on customer’s look for a nicer faucet working for a long time. If it is true, then you are at nice place to search for best kitchen faucets after reading the information we share here exclusively for our customers.

Devote time to search information on best kitchen faucets available in market

If you spend little bit of time on searching for the kitchen faucets, we assure it will repay you when you get the right faucets that you are going to use delightfully for  many years. Therefore, let us begin with the informative session so that you do not have to fidget here and there to grab more and you find each necessary in the article given below.



For years to have perfect kitchen faucet finish all you needed was chrome and nothing else. However, as the time has moved quite ahead, the best part is that now we have dozens of different material that can be used for finishing purpose and they give better finishing than chrome. The finishing material includes nickel for subtle look, bronze for Victorian look, and for industrial look you have stainless steel.

For perfect finish, you have further materials such as brass, modern alloys, and gold depending on the preference of the manufacturers. One of the inventions to modern finish of faucet is PVD faucet. Of course, if you do not like the above given finish materials you can go for the traditional one that is Chrome.

Construction /Component Materials

For helping the faucets work flawlessly for years, it is important to plate the material carefully and nicely on the interiors. For internal tubes and pipes, brass is the most common material. Tubular and cast are two types of brass available to choose from for faucets interior piping or tube. Both work well but yeah cast is strong and thick than tubular.

The whole procedure of setting up of faucets is necessary but with basic tubing, it is important to look for the diamond coating valves one of the essentials in the whole process of kitchen faucets. Different types of valves are available such as cartridge, ceramic disk, ball, and compression.

The faucets that come with combine controls for hot and control have compressed valves. Single liver faucets have ball valves. For two finely made disks, we use Ceramic disk valves and rather than going for mere washes the cartridge involves plastic and brass valves that are more reliable.

 What you are supposed to do when looking for faucets?

We are not asking you to take lot of headache and become a scientist while searching for faucets. You have to look as what suits or complements the entire kitchen. Look if it is matching the décor of your kitchen the appliances, countertops, cabinets, and backsplash. If this is not enough look for some very helpful reviews of the best kitchen faucets to discover some information about the inner material used and to know the functionality of the material used. It is obvious that you look for a faucet that works for years and for those we have more important considerations that we will surely discuss here.

Spout reach and height

Yes, so let us start with discussing the important partial features  that are spout reach and height. Either you can consider the height of the faucet with faucet neck or you can include the maximum or overall height of faucet. Measurement of the height of the desk plate just above the counter top is equally important.

The consideration of spout reach and height is an esthetic element while choosing a faucet as it enhances the overall appearance of kitchen faucets. The overall look of the faucet holds equal importance therefore; you need to check carefully the spout reach and height.

At the end of the day, you definitely look for a faucet having better functions and appearance. Taste is one of the strict factors for making a consideration. Reliability is your second choice and with that you look for something that matches your size of sink fulfilling the partial goals such as hose reach and filling speed of the faucet. Consideration of swivel and reach is important tool for rinsing off larger portion of sink without using spray wand.

Number of handles

Handles of faucet hold lot of importance as its practical and style aspects need to be considered. For some buyers the practical part holds more importance in comparison to style aspects. Many individuals want to get separate controls for cold and hot water. At times individuals go for single lever faucets that control the temperature and rate of flow.

We are not making rules for you here and the main paramount is your personal taste and circumstances. The faucets having contemporary designs lean towards having single lever but it is not a big issue in comparison to the changing fashion trends. Tastes do not remain same so it is quite possible that the pendulum swings back.

If you have given a traditional look to your kitchen, then you should go for the two handle faucets for your kitchen because they look traditional. The Victorian models of faucets are available with two handles. As per the current scenario two-handled design are more stylish in comparison to single ones. The benefit of getting a single faucet is that it will rotate in all directions but that is not possible with two handles. For one-handed operations single handle faucet is much better choice but there is one disadvantage, that is if you rotate it daily and keep doing it for a longer period it results in loosing of faucet with overtime use. If you go for the recent models, you do not have to worry about this problem, as you just need to look for the kitchen faucets having magnets to prevent loosing of the faucet while rotating.

Countertop holes/ Number of sink

We have personally heard about the number of holes or countertop for different style aspects of sink but yes, we consider it as one of the practical element individual should consider before purchasing or making a choice. There are only two possible conditions and out of that one is that you will choose sink and faucet together or the other condition can be choosing a faucet for existing sink. For both the conditions, the requirements will be very different.

Your faucet consideration will depend on the configuration of the sink like how many holes your sink posses and after that the needs will be determined based on this information.

Along with the holes in the sink, you have to consider the mounting options of the faucet design you prefer for your kitchen. For a wall-mounted faucet, the requirement of holes will be separate and for the faucet that is not having a desk plate will have separate hoes requirement for placing it in the sink.

In order to explore your option in a better way, there are many manufacturers who create great graphics these days for better ideas.

New technology

 This is the last important aspect for kitchen faucets and we are sure that this section is going to be very informative so read carefully. Designs these days matter a lot as people are getting high tech and we all prefer the technique in which we have to do less of work. Therefore, we have some hand free and touch on models in the new technology. The sensing technology in the faucets sense it when you put your hands in front of it and it will let the waterfall and stop when you remove your hands. This avoids wastage of water and it makes you task easy too.

One thing you should remember is that all the system that senses your hands would work using electricity or batteries. However, usually they work with the electrical system used in your house. If we look to the use of the touch free faucets, they are one of the playing tools for kids so you have to be quite careful when you have them at home.


In the entire article above you will see the basic requirements and aspects that include factors to be considered while choosing best kitchen faucets for your homes. To know about in and outs of the  faucets it might take few months so start deciding from the day when you are renovating you kitchen. Usually in the beginning, you should start choosing with the best kitchen faucets by looking for the booklets or online guides for faucets.

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