6 Clever Bathroom Ideas For a More Comfortable “Me Time”

Your bathroom is one of the most frequent places you go to when you want to relax and just unwind. And because of that, it’s only right that you also make it one of your most comfortable rooms at home. With these 6 ingenious ideas, you can your bathroom cozier without spending a fortune.

1. Add accents

Throwing a few ornamental features to your bathroom can give it the personality you’re looking for. If you want to give it a vintage feel, you can add a few pieces that are beige, chrome or brass in color. Just make sure that you keep functional pieces when you’re adding these accents. You still want to make your bathroom as useful as possible while improving its aesthetics.

2. Use wicker baskets

Bathrooms can easily get messy, especially if you don’t have any good storage spaces. But instead of boring shelves, you can use wicker baskets for your bathroom storage. They look warm to the eyes and they’re easy to use and transfer. You can hang them on your walls or line them up on your floor.

Wicker baskets are great to use for storing dry items, such as toilet papers, towels and other cleaning products. You can also use them to keep dirty clothes out of the way. These baskets generally come in a wide range of sizes so make sure to pick one that will perfectly fit the items you’re going to stash inside it.

3. Install false ceilings

Small bathrooms shouldn’t come with really high ceilings so that you won’t feel boxed in while you’re having a “me time”. If yours do, you can remedy it by adding a slated false ceiling with really good lighting. Aside from adding comfort, false ceilings can also add appeal to your bathroom.

4. Change your shower

If you really want to make your bathroom a lot more comfortable, then you should consider upgrading your shower and shower panels. Electric or thermostatic showers are good investments since they offer a lot of benefits.

Electric shower is economical to have since it only heats up what water is used. It can also decrease your water bill since it reduces water flow rate. In comparison, thermostatic showers, especially the mixer ones, can help ensure safety because they are able to detect extreme changes in temperature. They can cut water supply if they sense a failure in the flow. Some of them even come with a temperature limiting device to make sure your water doesn’t get heated up to very high temperatures.

5. Add decorative plants

Having some plants in your bathroom can add some freshness and life to it. In choosing which plants are best, pick ones that don’t require too much light, especially if you don’t have enough windows around. Aside from that, the right plants should also be resistant to humidity and moisture. Place them on shelves, your windowsill or you can even hang them from your ceiling.

6. Get good ventilation

Windows are the best sources of ventilation for bathrooms since they allow the entry of natural air and light.  In case your bathroom doesn’t have enough ventilation, you can consider adding extractor fans. Make sure you get a fan that’s big enough to cover your bathroom. You can find the right one by getting the volume of your bathroom and multiplying it by 20, which is the number of air changes needed in an hour.

Another good idea is to place a small dehumidifier inside your bathroom. Aside from ventilation, dehumidifiers can also remove extra moisture during the winter to prevent molds from forming. Just make sure to take out the water in your dehumidifier’s reservoir daily.

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