How to Control Your Garden During Summer Time

If not looked after any garden would soon grow out of control, especially in the early summer season as warmer temperatures, more light and rain encourages excessive plant growth. It is important to keep on top of all that extra growth and nurture your garden, so it stays looking beautiful.

Below are our seven summer gardening tips as a guide as to what needs doing in the garden at this time of year. So get those garden sheds opened up and get your gardening tools at the ready!

The house sparrows will be nesting and turning out the gutters or pulling moss off the roof, while green algae might also be spoiling the stone look of your path. Avoid a slippery path and get it hosed down – power washers have particularly strong jets of water which can blast away all the green and make the path look like new.

Weeding& Bark Chippings

While your plants flourish so too do those nasty weeds – it is advisable to hoe on hot days as the weeds will die quicker and dig up any perennial weeds before they become more established and could become a persistent problem.

Bark chippings or mulch are a popular solution to covering the soil in flower beds, they keep down the weeds and hold in moisture below for plants which are great during a drought. Bark chippings also look great and provide an attractive finish to the flower bed.

Watering Potted Plants

Plants in containers and hanging baskets dry out quickly and need regular watering, sometimes at least once a day. It is always wise to conserve your water, so we recommend having water butts to collect rainwater from your house or garage roof – or even use ‘gray water’ from your baths or showers.

How to Look After your Lawn

Summertime is the best time to enjoy your garden, but it is also when it gets the most wear as it gets the most use. It shouldn’t take too much effort over summer to keep your lawn looking great – but if it gets too dry, then you will almost certainly need to keep it well watered – and at dusk when it is cooler.

With expanded growth, you should cut your lawn twice per week to keep it looking perfect and abstain from stopping the lawn as well when it is excessively hot as you will damage the grass. Look at the Bosch lawn mower as a perfect choice for a small garden. In spring it merits regarding your lawn with nourish and weed and moss killer; it is astonishing how much moss can creep once again into the lawn with wet weather.

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