Tips on Decorating an Artistic Themed Bedroom

It doesn’t take having a degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art to let your creative expression shine. Decorating your personal space with an artistic bedroom decor is a lot easier than you think – especially with Vision Bedding around. All it takes is a bit of time and a lot of imagination to create a bedroom that even the most creatively talented would admire. Here are tips on how to create the an idyllic atmosphere in your artistic bedroom decor that you will be excited to wake up to every morning and retreat to every evening.

Bold Use of Color

When creating an artistic bedroom decor, you cannot be afraid to be liberal with colors. Choose a bold and beautiful color scheme and run wild with it. The use of cooler colors like blues, deep purples and greens will give a comfortable feel to your bedroom. Warmer colors like reds, oranges and yellows will add energy and vitality to your personalized artistic decor. You can choose to paint your walls differing colors with one wall featuring a bold, warm color and the other walls featuring a complementary cool and comfortable color. If you are not confident about your painting skill, you can choose a colorful and exciting wall paper. Either cover all your walls with wall paper or choose an accent wall to paper, this is a good option when you have a colorful and creatively bold wall paper choice and would not like to overwhelm the room with it. Your other wall colors should feature one of the non-dominant colors in the wall paper. However, you choose to decorate your room, the bold use of color will immediately draw in the eye and set the stage for a wonderfully artistic bedroom decor.

Artistic Bedding

A must-have in an artistic bedroom decor is custom artistic bedding. Your sheets and comforter set should reflect the bold design and overall color scheme of the bedroom. But before choosing your custom artistic bedding, choose a bed that suits the style and theme you have decided for the room. An artistic bedroom decor usually features a vintage style bed or a simple platform bed. The vintage style bed will give the room character and added personality. The platform bed’s simplicity will allow the color and creativity of the room to speak for itself. In addition, you can paint the platform bed’s headboard to add your own personal touch to the bed. After choosing the perfect bed, you can then find the comforter and pillow set that complements your room. Consider using a texture like satin for your pillow cases. Satin pillow cases come in a variety of colors and add a bit of texture to the artistic bedroom decor. Be bold in your choice of bedding. You may add another layer of artistic appeal by picking a bedding print that contradicts the wall pattern. For instance, for a striped patterned wall decor, you can choose a polka dotted sheet and comforter set for artistic contradiction. You can do the same with colors, using cool colors for the walls and bold colors for the bedding or vice versa. Another way to complement your bedding is to place a large, beautiful rug beneath your bed. A rug is perfect way to add more color and texture to the room while bringing a warm and inviting feeling to your design. Artistic bedroom decor requires you to take risks and consider expressive ideas that you would not normally consider.

Vintage Furniture and Accessories

Vintage furniture is a wonderful choice for an artistic bedroom decor. The style and craftsmanship of vintage furniture adds a classic unique touch to any room. Each furniture piece has its own character that can enhance the color and style of the theme in the room. Even if it is not your choice to use vintage furniture for your armoire, dresser and nightstands, you can still have vintage accent pieces for your mirrors, lamps and curtain rods. Detail is everything! It is important to consider the small things that will make a big impression on the decor of the bedroom. A bold light fixture is another way to add grand artistic detail to your bedroom decor. Colorfully printed curtains bring a functional and lovely focal point to your bedroom. Texture is another detailed aspect of a creatively designed room. Texture can be found in lamp shades, bedding and curtains. Smooth or fluffy textures bring a calm energy to the room while more defined textures draw the eye through energetic expression. Consider carefully all the style and theme of your room’s accent pieces and accessories just as carefully as you consider the color scheme. Character is a large part of an artistic bedroom decor.

Idyllic Artwork

There are many kinds and styles of artwork that will enhance your artistic bedroom decor. There are also many ways to use framed artwork in unique ways along your walls. Before you begin, decide the theme of your artwork and how you would like it displayed. For instance, you can contrast a boldly colored room with black and white framed photos of simple things like trees in nature, animals or beautiful places. These frames can be arranged in a straight horizonal line over your bed or in straight vertical lines along each side of the entrance to your closet. You can have one exceedingly large work of art that will be the focal point of an entire wall. If it is large enough and colorful enough, you can center the rest of the room’s decor and color scheme around the accent colors from the painting. You may choose a simple yet colorful art piece that can be placed above your bed or above your dresser mirror. The point is to strategically plan the kind of art pieces that will complement the design that you have in mind and to arrange them in a way that will bring out the best in your room’s overall decor. As in all other areas of decorating an artistic bedroom decor, the use of your imagination and personal style choices are paramount to achieving a personalized artistic decor.

Creative expression is a very personal thing that will not be the same for all of us, making your room original and unique in style. Use the colors and design themes that you love and consider accessories you may not have considered before. How well your artistic bedroom decor turns out will depend on your fearlessness and ability to take style risks that bring out your unique tastes and styles.

Check out this YouTube video that may give you more ideas in creating the artistic bedroom decor you will adore for years to come:

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