8 Design Tips When Moving to a New Home

Relocating to a new place can be a pain. The whole process is time- and energy-consuming — from sorting through your stuff, to buying packing materials, to comparing storage and moving companies, to the actual journey, to decorating or designing the house so it would actually feel like home.

Speaking of designing or decorating the new place, this is actually the fun part of relocating. It’s the perfect opportunity to transform a space into something that will bring your life joy and satisfaction. However, a lot of people tend to just launch into the task without a plan, and so the process turns into a costly series of trials and errors that need to be remedied by professional remodelers.

If you wish to successfully design or decorate your new home, here are eight tips you should follow, shared by the industry experts at Dubai’s renowned storage and moving services provider, The Box:

1. Identify the best locations for the things you need most.

It’s always good to start with knowing where the items you use frequently should go. “Decorate” around function to ensure a convenient lifestyle. A beautiful house isn’t a home unless you can move comfortably in it.

2. Before putting hooks on the wall to hang paintings, use paper and Scotch tape first.

Making hallways a lovely gallery of art or of beloved family moments will always be in trend. But before hanging framed art or photos on the wall, cut up paper in the size of the framed images you have, then determine the most visually pleasing way to line them up or group them together using the paper and tape. The last thing you want is to drill holes in the wall for hooks and discover belatedly you don’t like the layout you’ve created.

3. Don’t be quick to purchase new furniture and décor. Look into your collection of stored items first.

Once you’ve established the style you want, don’t be hasty with buying new stuff. Instead, see how the items you have put in storage can be tweaked to go with your design vision.

For example, if you’re into classy organizational products that are quite popular today (such as those multi-tiered trays used for everything from jewelry, to cosmetics to perfume), take note that they’re easy to make using plates and candle holders that you may already have. Or, if you want fancy soap dishes, you can actually use crystal ice cream bowls. Don’t waste money on little things – instead, splurge on big-ticket items that are not only pretty, but also necessary.If you want a pop of color, change the color of your doors.

4. If you want a pop of color, change the color of your doors.

Don’t be too quick to paint those walls, especially if they’re not ugly at all. Paint the doors instead. A paint job for walls is extensive, but you can change the color of doors with less paint and much faster. It’s a quick and easy makeover that leaves a big impact.

5. Conceal storage solutions.

If you don’t like displaying your TV or shelves of books, you can conceal that with folding or sliding screens. Actually, these screens are versatile solutions because apart from concealing things, they can also divide rooms easily or provide additional privacy to spaces.

6. Change the lighting.

Often, a change of lighting fixtures can do so much in changing the look and ambiance of a room. If the house has a lot of white lighting that somehow creates a hospital-like feel for your home, replace them with warm, dimmable LED lights. Not only are these lights cost- and energy-efficient, but they’re also perfect for adjusting the intensity of illumination within the house.

7. Modernize your bathroom sinks.

This is highly warranted, especially if the house is old, the bathroom sinks are discolored, and the faucets don’t work properly. The good news is that you don’t need a complete bathroom makeover for this. You can achieve a more modern look for your bathroom by simply changing your faucets or using specialty paint to make the sink look like new.

8. Paint discolored floors.

A re-tiling job is expensive and it takes a long time to be completed, so consider painting your floors instead. This floor upgrade can be finished in no time and it’ll give a whole new feel to the house.

With these tips, you can quickly turn the “new” crib into your beautiful, comfortable sanctuary where there’s a place for everything and everything is right where it should be.

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