Detailed Guide To Choosing Roof Windows

If you ever wanted to expand the living space of your house, you probably have considered a loft conversion. Or maybe you live in a flat which was converted from a loft. One way or another you will need, at one point, to install roof windows. This guide will cover all you need to know in order to make the right choice. However, be sure to consult your choice with the producer websites like Fakro as they usually offer a lot of advice and insights into windows.

Types of windows and the importance of handle positioning

Even though there is a great variety in types of roof windows, only few of them are commonly used: pivot windows, top hung windows, a combination of pivot and top hung windows and high pivot windows. The choice of the right type depends on many conditions.

If you want to have a nice view even when the window is open you may consider top hung windows. When the window is widely open it won’t obstruct the vista. The view would be accessible to every person too – even the tallest ones. In fact, you may need a tall person to open it!

On the other hand, pivot windows are far more easy to open. While the view may not be as great, the rotating window makes cleaning the outside easier.

A high pivot window is a nice compromise between both types. When opened, the window is less obstructive then one with a regular pivot and even a tall person may be able to fit freely under it. As the window is still able to rotate, you can clean it easily too.

Ideally you may want to get a window which can be opened in both ways. Pivot and top hang windows use the best of both worlds.

When installing a window, pay close attention to the positioning of the handle. Even though at first glance it may not seem that important, in reality it is! The right positioning of the handle may greatly improve the comfort of using the window. If you have rather short walls you may want to place the handle at the top of the window so you won’t have to duck in order to open it. In the other case, putting the handle at the top may cause a problem with opening the window. Thus it may be wiser to place it at the bottom. Also, in both cases, when the person using the window is not very tall, the use of a window may be quite inconvenient!

Or you can always consider buying windows with electric remote control system, so  you won’t have to bother with a handle at all.

Energy balance of the house

Installing a window, try to remember the energy balance of the house. When the window is exposed to sun rays for a long time during the day, not only will you use less lights but also the interior temperature will increase.

During the warm season it is important to cool the interior down with some fresh air. The window, thus, should be equipped with an air inlet as it will improve the air circulation in the room.

You may also lower the temperature by installing roller blinds in windows.

Bearing in mind the enegy balance of the house and using higly energy efficient windows will both improve the quality of life and will significantly lower the bills.

Different windows in different rooms

If you consider buying a window, consider where it will be placed as well. Windows have many profiles and some are more fit for rooms like bathroom or kitchen, while others may fit better in bedroom. In both, bathroom and kithchen, the air humidity is significantly higer, thus the window should have, preferably, a PVC profile as opposed to a wooden one.

When choosing a window for bedroom or drawing room, windows with noise reduction may be a fine option.

Regardless of the room, you may consider windows with increased resistance to moisture or windows with improved security.

In conclusion

Choosing the right window may be quite a taks. However with this little guide you should be able to pick the right one with more ease. Be sure to match your desired window with the room that you wish to install it in. As mention in the introduction, do not hesitate to contact professionals in order to receive some usefull advices.

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