DIY Gravel Driveways: Quick, Robust and Affordable

If you want a driveway which is easy to put together, as well as strong and budget-friendly, then you should know that a gravel driveway is all of the above! Perfect for those who don’t want to pave, gravel driveways may be put into place, DIY-style, so it’s possible to handle a project like this yourself. In fact, you may find the process of creating your own gravel driveway to be very fulfilling. Today, we’d like to talk about the benefits of DIY driveways in more detail and also provide information about how to plan this type of do-it-yourself project.

Key Benefits of Gravel Driveways

When you choose gravel, you won’t have the same level of commitment that you would have with a paved driveway. If you ever tire of the gravel driveway or want to change the layout of your property for some other reason, you’ll be able to do so pretty easily. It’s a lot harder to rip up paving!

As well, gravel driveways typically cost less than paved driveways. It’s just a cheaper way to build a driveway and this is a key selling point of gravel driveways for many budget-conscious homeowners. If you need an affordable way to build a driveway, gravel will be your best bet.

Gravel is Tough and Durable

Gravel lasts, particularly if a gravel driveway is installed properly. This means a smooth, even layer of soil, an under layer, such as plastic driveway grids or plastic sheeting, and three to five layers of gravel. When you choose to build properly, you’ll have a driveway which is designed to stand the test of time.

Gravel is Very Versatile

You may build a driveway of any shape with gravel, so you won’t be limited. Whether you want a circular driveway or something less elaborate, you’ll find that choosing gravel is the key to getting your driveway DIY project completed according to your exact specifications. When it comes to creating a driveway from gravel, you’ll need to measure a space, border it with some wooden stakes connected with string and then measure again. Once you have precise measurements, it will be time to put this versatile driveway material to good use.

How to Plan a DIY Project

First, make a supplies list. What will you need in order to get this job done? Most DIY’ers need gravel, wooden stakes, string, measuring tape, border materials (optional), plastic driveways grids (for the under layer) and tools. Some people rely on old-fashioned shovels and rakes, while others prefer to use large machines, along with some basic tools.

After you have a supplies list, consider the placement of the gravel driveway. Think about exactly where it needs to go. Then, map out the space by creating a temporary border with sticks, connected with string. Do the measurements as we mentioned earlier. Your measurements are important. They will help you to order the right amount of supplies.

After you have your measurements, it will be time to order what you need. Price gravel online and find the best deal. Do the same for plastic paving grids and any other materials on your list. Then, move forward by ordering everything you need.

Once you have your supplies, you should begin to clear the driveway area. Take away stones, rocks and anything else. Get rid of grass if it’s there. You will need a smooth and even layer of earth. It will be the foundation of your gravel driveway.

Next, add your interlocking plastic paving grids as directed by the manufacturer. They will form a porous and eco-friendly under layer which resists weed growth and adds amazing strength to your gravel driveway.

After your under layer is complete, add gravel in even layers. Rake the gravel smooth before adding another layer. Three to five layers is best.

After you do this, remove your sticks and string. If you want to add a border, go ahead. Some people use bricks are borders, or larger stones. It’s really up to you. Others don’t bother with borders at all.

To maintain your driveway, add more gravel to sparse areas if you need to, or move gravel around to keep the top layer nice and even. Gravel driveway maintenance is pretty simple and straightforward.

Plan Your Project Today

Now that you understand the benefits of gravel driveways, as well as how to make your own, isn’t it time to plan your own DIY gravel driveway project? We believe that these budget-friendly driveways are perfect projects for do-it-yourselfers. While you will need to put in some sweat equity, it’s safe to say that doing it yourself will give you a feeling of satisfaction.

Do the whole project in one day or spread out tasks. How long it will take to complete this project will depend on the tools that you use, how big the driveway is and how fit you are. Most people can take care of DIY gravel driveway construction pretty easily. If you’re not handy, ask a local contractor with a good reputation to get the job done for you.

Hopefully, this quick guide will help you to get organized. As long as you measure correctly and order the correct quantities of supplies for the most competitive prices, you should be able to create a durable and affordable driveway which looks nice and really performs. Just don’t forget the plastic paving grids. They are very important!

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