An Easy Way to Grow a Pineapple Plant

Being a first-time gardener, you must be having so many questions running on in your mind — how to take proper care of your garden, which important tools you must invest in, how to find the best garden tillers, what kind of soil you need, how to use azomite and so on. Though the basic requirements for a healthy garden might be the same, the kind of soil, the amount of water needed, and the planting method all vary from plant to plant.

Pineapple is the favorite fruit of many people, and most would want to plant them in their garden but stay away, thinking the process will be very tedious. On the contrary, growing a pineapple plant is very easy and in fact, we shall help you learn how to do that right away.

1. How to plant pineapples

There are various ways you can do this. Usually, people prefer using the top of a pineapple they bring from a store. If anybody nearby grows pineapples you may even ask them for some “slips” or “suckers”.

Though most people would put the slips or suckers in a glass of water that is just NOT what you need to do. You must have seen this everywhere on the Internet, but you do NOT do this. Instead, you should allow it to dry or cure for a day or two before you plant it.

If you plan to use the top then make sure to completely get rid of any fruit flesh. Small leaves present at the bottom also need to be completely removed. Even if you areusing suckers, too you need to remove any dead or small leaves you find present at the bottom.

Now, make a little hole in the pot or in the ground and stick the pineapple there. Put the soil back in this area, and make sure it is firm enough for the pineapple to sit straght and not fall.

2. The required area

Though the roots will not require too much space,  the pineapple plant grows quite big in size. Since the leaves of this plant are spiky, you must make sure to plant it in an area where they can grow easily without bothering anything around.

If you have enough space, you can grow them in clumps or may be along your driveways. Make sure to keep a distance of about a foot between pineapple plants.

(spiky leaves of the pineapple plant needs enough space)

3. The water needed

Pineapples do not need too much water to grow. So, if you live in a place where there is a scarcity of water, do not worry, your plant will grow well with the little amount you can provide. However, see to it that the soil you use is thickly mulched so as to minimize evaporation.

Try to grow your pineapples under a little shade. This, however, depends on the kind of climate you live in. If you reside in a sub-tropical or tropical area or nearby, your pineapple plant will be able to grow in quite a lot of shade. But if you live in an area where the climate is such that you have to take your plants indoors in the winter seasons then they will need lots of sunlight during summers.

4. The type of food

The maximum nutrition reaches your pineapple plant through their leaves, and in the initial months after pineapples are planted, they depend on their leaves alone. So the food you offer must be sprinkled on the leaves also.

Do not use any artificial fertilizers as they will only prove to be harmful. They may even burn your plant so completely stay away from them. Instead, you can use liquid fertilizers like seaweed extract or you may also use pelleted chicken manure.

Using an organic and natural solution will be your best option. You can add compost to the soil and mix it properly with the soil before you plant your favorite fruit. Always watch the color of the pineapple leaves as it will help you figure out if you are doing everything right . If the leaves have a purple-reddish tinge then you need to be careful as your plant is starving. Do not worry, they will not die, but you just need to give a little more attention to enjoy perfect, delicious results.


All your hard work will start bearing fruit soon, literally. If you are using slips, they will start fruiting in about a year, suckers will take approximately 18 months, and tops will start fruiting in about as long as 2 years. The kind of fruit you get largely depends on how much efforts you have put in. So, if you want to enjoy fleshy, sweet, and delicious pineapples, make sure you take enough care of your pineapple plant.

(full grown pineapple plant)

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