How to Find the Best Coffee in Our Planet?

Are we the best tasting coffee on the planet. Coffee is really an amazing drink with tastes different depths. It can be difficult and bitter, especially in the days of exhausting and stressful and can be sweet and light on bright days and windy. Coffee is a constant companion, accompanying, when you are sad or happy.

No two are exactly the same bean

This type of coffee will not be the same even if it has the same name or brand. If you go to a coffee shop like Starbucks, the coffee will not be the same if you brew at home. Making coffee is not the same as the process of making a cake, make a cake can be replicated both flavor and shape, but making coffee requires a careful touch, from how to treat the beans, water, and techniques. Make coffee is in the process, depending on the coffee maker, temperature and other factors.

Darker is Better

Coffee has less caffeine. He was darkened by the roasting process. The more nuts are roasted, the more caffeine is lost. So if you think that the darker the coffee stronger, it’s wrong.

Not good to put your coffee in the fridge

You should not put your coffee in the fridge. Store in an airtight container instead. Some people who have put their coffee beans in the refrigerator only to dry up and destroy the flavor. Do not let this happen. Instead, put your coffee in a cool, dry place. Also, make sure the amount is enough only to be ground as needed. The Coffee powder can not be stored too long, the taste of coffee powder can tend to get worse over time.

Better to choose a bean with a higher quality

As in cooking. As for coffee, the main ingredient is coffee beans. This is the reason why the coffee of the day at Starbucks usually tastes better. This is new ground and beans really very high quality.

Get the Best Coffee Grinder

Try to find the best coffee grinder that you can buy. This type of coffee maker is the key to your success makes the best coffee at home. Compare features and asked several people to share their experiences with a particular type of coffee grinder. Remember that price does not equal quality. Try to get a coffee grinder is best for you.

Find a good black coffee
Do you like Good Black Coffee ?
How to make black coffee using different methods. You need to have a new, freshly roasted coffee beans. For presents a strong black coffee, you can use the four following ways:
1. French coffee Maker
2. Espresso coffee Maker
3  Cold water Methods
4. Percolators.

Maybe there are other methods but all is not good for health.

Let us examine one by one:

ad.1.French Coffee Maker

With this method, you may get a sense of sharp and strong coffee for a long time. You can make coffee as strong as you want. Always ground the coffee beans before you want coffee or they will begin to deteriorate after the grounding. Regular grinder will make the coffee taste bitter. Thus, France is the best coffee maker to keep a sense of it. Pour hot water over 190 degrees for steeping coffee beans in France.

ad.2. Espresso Coffee Maker

With this method we make a strong coffee directly. It is recommended to use semi-automatic coffee machines to preserve the flavor of coffee for long and do not be bitter.

ad.3. Cold Water Methods

This is not an easy method. You need to follow some specific steps for this. Use disposable containers from the bottom. Then, pour a pound of coffee beans to 9 cups of cold water for 12 hours. This will help you extract the essence of taste or smell of beans but it will not extract and antioxidant compounds from it. There will not be any oil extracted from seeds. Thus, you will get sour in the drink. When you will open the drain after 12 hours you will get a thick coffee syrup that you can filter and keep the syrup in the refrigerator. Every time you want to make coffee, you should add 1/4th to 3/4th of water syrup. More syrup, strong coffee will. It will not taste as bitter or sour bitter has been removed.


To succeed you need the skills to work with this tool .. Do not you be too sure and fast feel good, you might end up getting a bitter taste. One needs to work with coffee and hot water is the accuracy and thoroughness, to get the best results and be happy to simply to provide taste good and strong black coffee.

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