How to Find the Right Front Door for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right front door for your home there are a number of areas you need to consider. One of the most important aspects for any home owner is the overall style of the door, is it a traditional or modern design and does it fit the exterior of their home. This is of course an important consideration, any home improvement is done to advance the look of your home and so the same goes for your front door as well.

However a number of other factors should be considered as well, these will be looked at in detail throughout this guide and include security, cost, overall design and how the door effects other areas of your home such as environmental impact and thermal efficiency.

Let’s break each area down and look at why these factors are important in helping any homeowner find the right front door for their property:

Security – Now this is an important consideration for any one, and it is vital for homeowners that they know their property is as secure as possible. Entrances and exits including front and back doors as well as windows are most likely to be targeted by intruders so it is important that they’re as secure as possible.

Cost – Although we would all love our dream home and everything that comes with it, unfortunately most of us have to stick to some sort of budget which means cost becomes an important consideration. Fortunately there are now a number of popular front door styles available an affordable prices so you don’t have to sacrifice design or style.

Design – As already mentioned, the style of your front door has a huge impact on the overall look of your property and the exterior of your home. Luckily as will be outlined further there are now a number of different styles to choose from with bespoke front doors becoming far more common.

Environmentally – In what feels like a society wide shift, more people than ever are taking in to consideration the effect they have on the environment and the planet as whole. This even stretches to our homes as well and the materials we use can have a huge impact on reducing our carbon footprint.

What is the Right Front Door?

Having outlined a number of considerations to make in the first half of this guide it is now time to look at finding what front door is right for homeowners. Traditionally timber doors have been the choice for most properties but in recent years composite doors have grown to rival them as the first choice of front door.

There are a number of reasons for this and many tick the main boxes outlined above. Firstly this type of door is extremely durable meaning they are a great layer of security for your home. They also impact the environment in a positive way and the design can be custom made for your tastes. Not only this, but composite door prices can also be extremely reasonable, especially considering you’re purchasing a produce that is built to your exact tastes and guranteered to be long lasting.

It is a combination of these factors that has led to the reputation of this type of door growing in recent years. Manufactured from a variety of materials composite doors have a number of benefits in comparison to singular type doors such as pure uPVC or timber.

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