7 Food and Decor Tips for Hosting an Effortless Spring Brunch

Whether you’re having guests over for a casual get-together or celebrating a special occasion with close friends and family, hosting a brunch can be fun and stress-free. Plan ahead to keep things organized for your guests and for your sanity. When it comes to food and decor options, there are endless possibilities. Let this guide help you plan an epic brunch. From light refreshments to sweet savory treats, seating to table settings, we have all the tips you need to host an unforgettable spring brunch.

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1| Chinoiserie Chic – Tableware

Chinoiserie is a mix of Chinese art and European design. Popular in the arts and garden design, this trendy style emanates a chic feel. Because Chinoiserie is known for its intriguing designs and exquisite prints, use solid lighter tones to balance out the look. Add a hint of gold for to accentuate that lavish style  —  think cool spring and summer colors when setting your table.

Who said brunch has to be over? Don’t hide your beautiful Chinoiserie tableware; use them as home decor pieces! Display them on tabletops, bookshelves, and even walls. They look amazing in single colored rooms and make great statement pieces in any space.

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2| Light Florals – Statement Pieces and Plate Settings

Let’s talk about centerpieces. We often forget them, but they are important when creating moods. Centerpieces can be elaborate or they can be simple, depending on how you decide to compose them. Floral centerpieces, in particular, are inherently unique and considered to be a timeless classic. With so many kinds of flowers in a variety of colors and sizes, the possibilities are limitless. Start with a combination of large and small blossoms that vary in colors. Then, pair them with fresh fruits or berries for that added refreshing, vibrant spring look.

For an elegant, chic feel, it’s vital to match your floral centerpieces with your plates and silverware settings. This cohesive combination creates a consistent design and will be the topic of conversation among your guests. Choose light colored tablecloth if you plan on using printed or dark colored plates. This will help with color contrast and will better highlight the fine details of your tableware. It’s undeniable that whatever is found on the table is meant to draw attention and make a statement. So think about your theme, and don’t be afraid to mix one floral print with another.

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3| Basic Refreshments – Fresh Fruits and Teas

Spring is here, which means it’s time to serve your best fresh fruit concoctions. Start it off with a simple fruit-infused water, using your favorite fruits. Try them with coconut water, as well. They are absolutely delicious. This is also a perfect opportunity to display those beautiful, bright colors by using whatever glass jars you have. Get creative and make refreshing fruit- or mint-infused ice cubes. They are easy to make and can be prepared the night before. Just pop them out of the freezer whenever you are ready to serve. Plus, they are photograph worthy. In addition to light refreshments, don’t forget to serve your favorite coffee and herbal teas. There are many tea varieties to choose from like Moroccan mint, pearl jasmine, lavender and chamomile, just to name a few. They are all great to serve on a sunny day.

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4| Cocktails – Fun Spin on Mimosas and Mint Juleps

Fifty percent bubbly and fifty percent juice, mimosas are fun to drink and easy to make. Take your brunch to the next level by creating a mimosa bar and allowing your guests to customize their own drinks. Your guests will enjoy choosing from a variety of fresh fruit juices and garnishes. From grapefruit to strawberry, mango to pear, — or whatever flavor — your guests will love the experience of designing their own refreshing mimosas.

And lets not forget about juleps. To most, whiskey may seem like something you would want to avoid, especially during brunch. But if you give yourself a chance to experiment with natural flavors, you’ll find juleps are very tasteful and delightful to drink. The secret to serving juleps is to make sure your ice is either crushed or shaved. Add a twist to your juleps by mashing in some pineapples, apples or oranges. Just remember to have fun with your cocktails and, of course, make sure to share!

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5| Brunch Recipes

Spring brunch just got a whole lot easier. Prepare dishes before the event and set aside enough time to set up and decorate. As much as possible, choose bite sized food (or finger foods), which are quick to make and easy to serve. Cinnamon rolls are a favorite. Make them or other sweet treats in muffin pans. You don’t have to worry about portions, and they are absolutely adorable when displayed. Cheese boards are so 2017, so use skewers to serve your cheese and meat kabobs style! You can serve all types of brunch foods: breakfast kabobs, french toast kabobs, and even egg kabob (yes, they exist).  The more colorful it gets, the more delicious and appetizing it will be. So don’t forget to add your fruits and veggies.

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6| Statement Seating – Bright Fun Colors

Chairs are not merely places on which to sit; rather, they are important elements to home decor. They provide comfort and bring the whole room together. Adding a pop of color or small details to your chairs enhances the visual appeal of a space. Lighten up the atmosphere with bright, fun colors. Play with shapes and patterns to create a playful and cheerful space.

Use matte or pastel colored furniture for a soft and calm feel. This way you can use other decorative elements, like lighting fixtures, to bring in that pop of color. Soft pastels adds a bit of sophistication without overwhelming the interior space, making it perfect for a spring brunch.

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7| Cushioned Comfort – Indoor and Outdoor Fun

Whether you have it indoors or outdoors, make sure there are comfy seats. Use moroccan poufs, seat cushions, oversized pillows, or cushioned seating. Be colorful and add energy to the space with multiple colored tuft cushions. Add texture by using crochet or knitted sleeves for your floor pillows. Try velvet cushions. They are very appealing and soft to the touch. Sleeping is not allowed, but group naps are welcome.

No matter the celebration, it is easy to bring a little spring into your life. Enjoy time spent with friends and family. Take advantage of the beautiful warm sun that this season has to offer. Let us know if you’ll be using our tips on how to host a spring brunch. What are your favorite dishes and must-haves? We’d love to hear from you!

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