Gardening Tips – Get your Garden Ready for the Summer

May – The month closest to summer, bringing us a warmer climate and putting an end to these night frosts. It is also time for the soil to warm up sufficiently for seed to germinate and plants to start growing. Yeah, the month of May just kicks off all summer feelings.

However, we all know, the UK currently isn’t known for their amazing weather in May or actually throughout the year. Springtime is kind of chilly and brings a bitter frost, leaving the soil cold and neglected. Everything that should have been growing the past couple of weeks are just starting to bloom. This means that blossoms and bulbs will be out at the same time, because the earlier plants will catch up with the slower ones.

Don’t worry though, instead of hiding behind your back door looking at the desperate state of your garden, we have compiled five top tips to keep your fingers green and your garden fresh in preparation for the upcoming “summer”.

gardening tips

Grass Cutting – Hell Yeah!

This is the perfect time to get your summer plans going by cutting the grass to give your garden a neat look. Moreover, dandelions can be your enemy at this time of the year, so cut at least the heads off or pull them out by the root before they have time to seed. Moreover, don’t forget to check your mower if the blades are sharpened and the oil changed – typical beginner mistake!

Sowing your Seeds

It is vital to sow your annual and perennial plant seeds, flowers and any vegetables in a greenhouse NOW, in order to let them germinate now. You’ll be able to put them out later when the frost disappears, usually end of May or beginning of June the latest. All the other plants, which need to germinate on a higher temperature (20 to 25 degrees), can be put above a radiator on a window ledge. That’s what we call improvisation J

Potatoes are the Key

This is the perfect way to beat the heat, when it comes to it. Planting potatoes and other vegetables early in the season can definitely be a life saviour. However, watch out that you plant them into a warm enough soil or just in pots in the greenhouse otherwise it won’t grow. My secret tip is to start planting sweet peas right now – they just taste amazing!

Let’s Clean

Always make sure your borders are weeded and previous year’s dead heading complete. Isn’t it more fun to grow your plants and vegetables in a clean garden? Put cane in to support perennials as well as for all runner beans and tall growing plants. Besides that, start cleaning up the flower pots, seed trays and tools now, because the new growth will spurt up like rockets in a clean environment. Last but not least, don’t forget to keep the greenhouse clean!

Ewww … Pests

Most wanted on your garden list – Pesky bugs and critters can be very annoying and mess up your beautifully prepared garden. Slug traps or any kind of bait for the annual invasion can help you avoid losing any important plants. Moreover, get a netting over your vegetable plot to stop those nasty cabbage butterflies laying their eggs there. These actions can ensure you a garden looking exactly like it does in the brochures.

Do you have any other great tips to prepare the garden of your dreams for the summer? Let us know

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