A Guide To A Kitchen Extension

There are lots of ways in which you can make a small kitchen work; but sometimes you just have to have that little bit of extra space – this is where a kitchen extension comes in handy. The hardest part of building a kitchen extension is knowing where to start and how to begin; the rest will often follow. Here are some tips and tricks on how to manage and redecorate your kitchen extension.

Planning Permission

Planning permission can be an issue when trying to build your kitchen extension; however any extension up to 3m² in volume does not require planning permission as they are considered too small to be classed as an extension or room. Gaining planning permission for your extension can be an incredibly lengthy process; so it’s best to discuss the extension with your closest neighbours to get an idea of how great the opposition will be towards the building of your kitchen extension.

Structure and Support

Once you have your planning permission and you’re ready to begin the building of your kitchen extension there are a few things you should take into account.

Is the wall that you are removing a load bearing wall? If there’s a chance that this is the case you should buy metal beams as supports so that until the extension has been completed your house is supported. The last thing that you want is to remove a wall for your extension and have half of your house falls down with the wall.

Kitchen Decoration

Once your kitchen extension is built and you’ve rid yourself of all that rubble and brick dust; how are you going to decorate your kitchen? There are a few different aspects of the kitchen that you should take time on when deciding on the theme of your kitchen. Worktops, appliances, cupboards and walls should be your main priorities where your kitchen extension is concerned.

Worktops and Surfaces

The material that you use as your work surfaces within the kitchen can have a large impact upon the feel of your kitchen and also how hygienic it is. For instance a wooden worktop can stain easily and are prone to scratches and dents from preparing food – these scratches and indentations within the wood can then begin to store bacteria and viruses that will affect your food. Marble work surfaces are recommended as they are durable, hardy and incredibly stylish; it’s also very difficult for marble to become outdated as it is such a valuable and luxurious material. Also, due to the resistant surface of the marble it is less likely to become damages and therefore it will not host bacteria or other pathogens.

Cupboards and Walls

A kitchen is all about blending textures and colours to create something beautiful; so your cupboards and walls should be no different.  The decision is entirely yours as to how you decorate your walls but one of the best designs is a half tiled wall; by tiling the lower half of your wall you will be able to prevent grease and oil from straining your walls as it is much easier to wipe grease or fat from a tiles surface that it is to remove it from a wall.
The colour of the tiles or paint should also match if not complement that of your kitchen surfaces and cupboards; if you’re unsure of which colour will suit your kitchen best aim for something neutral such as magenta, cream and light browns.

Hidden Appliances and Clever Ideas

One of the best parts of redecorating and remodelling your kitchen extension is the wide variety of hidden appliances that are now available. Dishwashers, fridges and freezers can all be hidden behind cupboard doors to give the appearance of a minimalistic kitchen area – there are also specific cupboard designs that allow you to hide away toasters and kettles.

These additional cupboards can also be used to hide unsightly sockets and electric boxes; this is also useful for a household that hosts young children or grandchildren. There are many others touches that you can include within your kitchen extension, but the majority of these are personal touches that will make your kitchen unique and homely; it’s also these touches that will make this extension feel like a real part of your home and not just an addition to the house that you already own.

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