Home Designing Mistakes that can adversely Impact its resale value

What do you think are some of the common attributes of your home bolstering its resale value? Landscaping? A gorgeous entryway? However, do you know that you cannot embark on indiscriminate landscaping – i.e. without thinking about the future? Similarly, do you realize that a lavish entryway will not even make a mark on your potential buyer if it’s not backed by a fully functional front door lock?

Today, we will walk you through a few designing mistakes that can adversely affect the resale value of your home. Make sure you are not committing these mistakes at any cost.

What are the common home décor mistakes bringing down the resale value of your home?

Interior designing mistakes are mostly the result of lack of prudence or foresight – the inability to see beyond “trends”- to understand that what may work today can simply be written off tomorrow. Don’t worry! It happens and all you need is a little bit of education to ensure you are steering clear of these mistakes. Ask the estate agents in Slough and they will tell you that these are the biggest mistakes that can take a toll on the resale value of your home.

Thoughtful landscaping: What you need to find out about the same

Let’s us start off with landscaping itself. Property owners are always suggested to invest time in regular landscaping. However, please remember that thoughtless landscaping will not really help your cause. For instance, you might as well end up planting trees too close to each other. However, do know for a fact that this can cause major problems later. Roots can lead to breaks in the pavement, which in turn, can raise homeowners’ insurance.

Don’t try to be too experimental with hues and tones

Trying to pull off drastic differences between rooms- this is one décor mistake which can cost you bad. We will explain how. A home generally feels more comfortable when there is at least some continuity within. Dining room, kitchen, living room and hearth are just a few of the rooms that open out to each other. Totally different hues and tones can actually go on to create décor disharmony. Your potential buyer might as well want to redo all those areas to create harmony. This kind of décor cannot attract many tenants as well. Ask the letting agents in Slough!

Swimming pools!

Now, homeowners, in general spend a lot on swimming pools expecting to rake in huge profits while reselling the property. However, in reality, you never really end up getting its full value. Remember that before going overboard with your pool budget.

Avoid clutter

If you want your buyer to feel that your home is spacious – you should avoid clutter at any cost. The way you place your furniture will go on to determine how clutter-free your home looks. Just remember that overdoing anything is not always an advantage. Even too many cushions on the couch or the too many frames on your wall might make your space look crowded.

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