5 Biggest Mistakes When You are Cleaning House

You have just finished up the cleaning your house, and now you are happy that the work is done and the house is looking shiny. But are you sure that you have done the job without any mistake? I think you haven’t.

When you clean our house what we do? We just simply follow the same process every time. We just wipe, sweep and vacuum, we never think that this is not enough. And never understand that we are making so many mistakes while cleaning our home. Here I will discuss 5 biggest mistakes.

1. Cleaning Your Floors First

Never clean the floor first. If you clean the floor first and then go for other the floor will no longer remain cleaned. When you start cleaning the wall or countertops dirt will fall on the clean floor and will make it dirty again. You have to walk up and down while cleaning, so the floor will be dirty. So clean the wall, countertops, every furniture and anything else. Focus on the floor only when you have done with all other things. When you are sure that you have nothing to clean farther.

2. Cleaning Windows in Hot Weather

In a sunny day when the sun is brightly shining, we can see the spots on the window glass clearly. So we want to clean those spots at the very time. But I recommend not to do that. But why?

Here is the answer. If you start cleaning windows in hot weather the cleaner gets quickly vanished and makes more spots on the glass rather than cleaning it. So clean the window in the evening when the sun is low. You can also do it on a cloudy day.

3. Using Chemically Combined Mixtures

It’s very important to clean toilets and washroom tiles every day though people don’t do that every day. They do it several times and prefer to clean it with some mixtures that contain toxic chemical. And sometimes being unaware they use bad chemicals which are harmful to their equipment as well as their health.

4. Not Using Correct Tools

Many people don’t know much about cleaning and use whatever tool they get. In this way, their cleaning becomes a threat, and sometimes they make their furniture or other things scratched or damaged. So before starting, you should learn about the basic of cleaning. You have to know which tool is suitable for which thing. You have to choose perfect vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, mop and other cleaning tools.

5. Forgetting to Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Your mop, swabs and vacuum cleaner are very essential. You can’t do cleaning without them. So you should take care of them. But many people forget to clean the tools after the house cleaning. Only washing them with water or wiping them down is not enough. It doesn’t help them to get rid of the grime collected during cleaning. Make sure that you clean these tools perfectly so that you don’t need to clean you house with dirty tools.

These are 5 biggest mistakes that people do. But now you know about these mistakes so try to avoid them when you are cleaning your house.

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