Why Household Cleaning is Important to Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

You’ve probably noticed that fitness and healthier lifestyles are getting more and more emphasis these days. It seems like dressing in your gym gear or showing off your fab body is the in thing now. It appears that everyone is finally waking up and realizing that an unhealthy lifestyle is one that is unsustainable in the long run. So you think having a healthy lifestyle just means eating healthy and going to the gym? Well, those things matter but there’s more to a healthy lifestyle than those two. Here are a couple of reasons why household cleaning is important to leading a healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy Lifestyle Means Not Getting Sick

Exercising and eating veggies is not enough to stay healthy if your house if crawling with germs. Germs are disease-causing microorganisms that can live practically everywhere but they are present in some areas in your house more than in others.

Did you think the garbage bin contains the most germs? Think again. Even your kitchen sponge is secretly hiding more germs than you could imagine. Little bits of food can get stuck inside its holes. Mix food debris with being moist most of the time, it’s no surprise that this is a safe haven for bacteria. While we’re talking about germs, here’s an additional tip: put down the seat cover when you flush. Research shows that germs from the toilet can actually get airborne and stay up in the air for up to two hours!

It Burns Calories Too

Did you ever think that simple household cleaning can actually amount to calorie burning comparable to exercises in the gym? If you’re one of those calorie counters, well then here are a few numbers for you. A half hour of sweeping the floor can burn up to 136 calories. A half hour of cleaning the windows can burn up to 167 calories. A half hour of vacuuming can burn up to 187 calories. For a half hour of productive work, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Guess you don’t need that gym membership after all!

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These were just a few reasons why household cleaning can add up to a healthy lifestyle. As the word defines, a lifestyle is literally how you live your life. This is not simply defined by what you eat or how much you go to the gym. A healthy lifestyle includes keeping your house, the place where you eat and sleep, clean and conducive for a healthy life.

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