How to Do the Upholstery Cleaning All By Yourself?

Majority of the people start hesitating when it comes to cleaning upholstery by themselves. Most the aforementioned people fear that a poor upholstery cleaning job would leave them with improperly dried furniture or furniture with its fabric ruined. So, if you have counted yourself in the description of the above mentioned people, fret not.


We are here to help you. Two of the most common options in such scenario are calling the professional cleaners and the other is to learn how to properly clean out the furniture without any professional help. But don’t worry because no matter the option you opt for, at the end of the day, majority of the professional cleaners are pretty competent with their job. People can also find several proper upholstery cleaning guide online and the sprucing up of the furniture may not be a very difficult thing to do any longer. There are some really efficient professional cleaning services located in Perth.

Basic Facts about Upholstery Cleaning

There are a lot of things that majority of the people don’t know about upholstery cleaning. There are several cleaning agencies in Perth that offer spring cleaning services too. Thus, we bring some basic facts related to upholstery cleaning that will help solve the mystery behind upholstery cleaning for some people. Read on guys and you can thank us later!

  • People who have been used to the former ways of cleaning up the furniture upholstery might have noticed the length of time it takes for the furniture to dry up post the cleaning. The water goes deep into the furniture material and even when the surface dries up, the inner layers still remain damp. The aforementioned prolonged dampness has the potential of doing great damage to the furniture. It gives out bad odour, can lose the quality of the fabric. In worst case scenario, it can even foster the growth of moulds.
  • People unfamiliar with the entire cleaning upholstery routine have little knowledge about the damage the harsh cleaning agents can do to the furniture material. Apart from the damaging effects of the aforementioned harsh cleaning chemicals to the furniture and upholstery, they can even harm the person’s health. If one doesn’t stick to a proper upholstery cleaning guide, then the residues of the strong cleaning agents might remain in the furniture. These cleaning agents can then cause irritation and rashes as well as other health issues.
  • In case, the fabric covering the furniture has a stain on a tiny portion, then there is no need to wash the entire thing or for a thorough cleaning. People can opt for several spot cleaning methods for getting rid of the stain. Many dry cleaning solutions can be bought at grocery shops. To remove stains in you upholstery, you will only need a clean cloth, some mild detergent and warm water. The professional cleaning services located in Perth come up with creative cleaning hacks every now and then.
  • For ensuring the safety of the furniture materials, people should make use of only mild chemicals as well as take precautions while applying them. The trick is to clean one portion of the furniture at a time for minimizing any possible damage to the furniture. One should also cover all the nearby items or the other parts of the furniture that one is cleaning while applying the cleaning chemicals. However, before attempting to do the cleaning all by oneself, one should be confident enough whether one will be able to do or not because if one is unable to do the cleaning and still goes about it then it would be wasting time and effort along with all the cleaning materials. Apart from the aforementioned wastage, one would also end up sloppy looking furniture.
  • The most convenient option for cleaning the upholstery and furniture is to simply call the professional cleaners for the job. Majority of the cleaning companies these days provide upholstery cleaning services along with carpet cleaning Perth, drapery cleaning as well as linen cleaning. However, people should be cautious of scammers who claim to be professionals cleaners. The key is to make sure that one seeks only the reputable cleaners. In case of second thoughts about a specific cleaning company then people should change the company they are planning to hire, especially those that claim they are freelancers or are door-to-door professionals providing clean-up service.
  • The easiest way of finding a reliable cleaning service company in one’s area is by doing a quick search on the internet in the commercial cleaning Majority of the cleaning professionals offer quick and thorough clean-ups. There are also some cleaners that provide people with an upholstery cleaning guide. This ensures that the people can easily do the simple clean-ups by themselves.

Easy Steps for Cleaning the Upholstery All By Yourself

Upholstery cleaning is no rocket science and anyone can do it. People living in Perth are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing professional cleaning services. All one needs to know are some easy steps for cleaning the furniture and upholstery in the most effective and efficient way possible. The steps are as follows:

  • Vacuuming the Upholstery Thoroughly: Even if the furniture is swept with cloth on a regular basis, the first and foremost step is to vacuum it out thoroughly. One should make use of the upholstery attachment for sweeping each and every side of the furniture. The cushions should be removed and swept too. The crevice attachment should be used for removing the dust and dirt from every nook and corner of the specific furniture.
  • Mixing Up the Upholstery Cleaning Solution: One can make use of plain laundry detergent for cleaning and freshening up the upholstery. The laundry detergent contains no bleach and softeners or any other similar additives. For make the cleaning solution, one should pour a quarter cup of laundry detergent into one cup of warm water inside a big container. Then, the solution need to be whipped with an electric mixer till the detergent suds up. The solution should be whipped till the suds seem like an egg meringue. In other words, the solution should be dry and form some peaks.
  • Testing the Fabric for Colour Fastness: People should always make use of a damp sponge for applying some of the suds to an inconspicuous spot of the furniture or upholstery. Then, rub it around a bit on the furniture before allowing the area to dry. Then, one should check for any sign of discoloration. In case any discoloration occurs, one should try a different type of laundry detergent.
  • Checking the Upholstery Stains: Prior to when one begins the entire process of cleaning and freshening up the upholstery and furniture, one should always check the furniture fabric for any signs of stains. One might need to make use of a commercial stain remover in case of sudsy laundry detergent. There are chances that the old and effective damp sponge won’t work on stubborn stains.
  • Actual Fabric Cleaning Process: One should start from the front of the upholstery or the furniture and continue their way to the back by making use of the damp sponge for rubbing the suds onto the cloth. The key is to remove extra suds with the help of a damp cloth. The cloth should be rinsed out in a bucket of warm water when it becomes very dirty to carry on the cleaning process. One should continue working around the upholstery till the entire thing is cleaned thoroughly. The key is not to forget cleaning the cushions that have been removed.
  • Waiting for the Furniture to Dry: After all the aforementioned cleaning steps have been complied with, one should allow the upholstery to dry entirely. One should replace the cushions onto the clean furniture.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

For people who are still in doubt whether they would be able to pull the upholstery and furniture cleaning all by themselves or not should contact the professional upholstery service providers and get rid of their tensions regarding the entire cleaning process. The cleaning companies also offer mattress cleaning at affordable prices in and around Fremantle. Hiring professional upholstery cleaning services have lots of benefits and these are as follows:

  • A clean home is a must. None wants to sit on a stained or soiled couch while they are watching their favourite show or a movie. People don’t want their guests to see and sit on dirty furniture when they are visiting them. Thus, clean looking furniture is aesthetically vital and looks better. A professional cleaning service can help achieve the desired level of cleanliness without much effort.
  • People prefer making use of a professional cleaning service because it protects the expensive upholstery and furniture that they have invested in. As everyone knows, furniture does not come cheap; one needs to pay quite a lot for what one wants to have in the living room or den or bedroom etc. People generally spend quite some time in deciding on the kind of furniture and upholstery they want to get. People spend tons of their energy and money as well. And because of the aforementioned reason, people consider calling professional cleaning service is a good idea for protecting the furniture and upholstery when it becomes a tad dingy. Even people with second hand furniture prefer a professional cleaning service because of they can make the furniture look like new. In other words, a new couch without the actual cost of it.
  • Another benefit of calling in the professional cleaning services is that the furniture lasts longer. People who get their upholstery or furniture cleaned out on a regular basis will have extended the life of their furniture. Apart from the aforementioned fact, clean upholstery and furniture also contributes to a healthy and clean indoor environment. The cleaning of the upholstery and furniture removes the built up dead skin cells and dust and bacteria as well as a slew of other icky things from one’s home. The cleanliness plays a vital role especially in those houses that have small children. The kids are particularly vulnerable to germs and bacteria.
  • The regular cleaning by a professional cleaning company implies lesser wear of the upholstery and furniture. When any piece of upholstery or furniture is in use since quite some time, soil starts to build up on it which in turn causes the fabric to break down. This is because of the friction created between the soil and the threads of the fabric of the Generally, the breaking down of fabric causes wear and tears and can even result in holes. By having the upholstery cleaned every once in a while, the break down rate is decreased substantially. The soil is removed from the fabric prior to any chance of major break down.
  • From all the points mentioned above, hiring a professional upholstery and furniture cleaning company in Joondalup or elsewhere is definitely a necessity for people who own any kind of upholstery and furniture. The benefits of hiring a professional for the cleaning job makes the furniture look better. People can also get varied choices when it comes to window cleaning Perth The cleaning company’s job protects the investment made in the furniture and the upholstery while making the furniture last longer. The furniture and upholstery in question doesn’t show wear and tear easily.
  • However, people should keep in mind one important things before starting the search of professional upholstery and furniture cleaning service. People should make sure that the cleaners are certified and possess a certificate from one of the major certification organizations. It is mandatory for people to select a certified professional because they want to ensure that the person undertaking the cleaning job knows what he or she is doing and that the outcome is of a certain standard. All the certified professionals know the effective and efficient method for the specific upholstery fabric or the furniture material and ensure that the work done is correct.

Thus, no matter what people decide about cleaning their upholstery and furniture all by themselves or by calling a professional cleaning service, the key is to keep one’s home sparkling clean at all times. This is vital for preventing the growth of bacteria and germs in the house. There are lots of professional cleaning services in varied budgets in Midland.

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