How to Improve Your Home with 7 Quick Fixes That Won’t Cost the Earth

Whether you are looking to sell your house or just want to spruce it up to make a nicer living space for you and your family, home improvements don’t need to cost a fortune. Here are seven quick and effective ways to improve your home without breaking the bank.

Update the kitchen – it really is true that the kitchen is the heart of the home and many buyers will judge a house on its kitchen. Try these simple changes to modernise your kitchen and give it a fresh new look: replace the taps with modern systems; replace all the cabinet door handles; update the lighting fixtures; replace the cabinet doors or just repaint them.

Update your kitchen appliances – make sure they all match, you can change the doors or panels for items like dishwashers and ovens. Some dishwasher door panels are actually reversible.

Create a modern bathroom – this is the next room which all house buyers look to when assessing a would-be purchase. Simple things can improve the look of a bathroom, like buying a new toilet seat; replacing a discoloured floor with new vinyl, re-grouting the bath and shower tiles and even using tile paint to create a whole new look.

Improve storage areas – you can create storage areas by adding in closet systems to bedrooms, pantries and other areas of the house. Can you put a door across an alcove to create a cupboard where there was an annoying unused space, for example? Adding in bespoke storage needn’t be expensive but will help you keep your house tidy and will also be an added attraction for new buyers

Add a room – yes it sounds ridiculous in an article about doing things on a budget but I’m talking about making a disused room look used, particularly when trying to sell a house. If you have a tiny study, or a room full of junk, consider clearing it out and setting it up with a camp bed in it so you can show viewers that there is potentially a whole extra bedroom available for them. This could make a real difference. If you can add storage into the room then even better.

Watch your wiring – it’s worth getting the house wiring checked out and perhaps get a plumber friend in to look over any potential leaks before putting your house on the market. This attention to detail will ensure there are no loose wires or leaking taps to put would-be buyers off or to cause problems for your own friends and family when visiting you and it shows you are taking care of your property.

Update your flooring – carpeting is another area which can really date a house in a bad way. If the carpets are old-fashioned, garish, or dirty, this will make for an uncomfortable living space and will definitely put off would-be buyers. If carpets are really dated then the best option is to use professional carpet fitters to bring your home flooring up to date.

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