Interior Design Tips for New Modern Homes

New modern homes take a cue from the modern arts movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when art deco was popular. Because the housing style reached its peak during the 1950s and 1960s, you may hear modern home builders refer to the style as “mid-century” design. Modern homes exemplify simplicity and their interior design features may be easier to achieve than you think.

Elements of New Modern Homes

While new modern homes use a palette of neutral colors and a strong emphasis on lines, it’s the simple curves and forms that give this type of style energy. Modern home builders use open spaces in their designs and incorporate an abundance of natural light, making rooms feel expansive.

This open, airy feeling also comes from a lack of clutter. Unlike other interior design styles that have furniture in every corner, fluffy curtains at every window, patterned wallpaper and an abundance of tables to display various knickknacks, new modern homes keep it simple. They incorporate storage solutions to keep clutter out of sight. Every piece of furniture in a room is placed with purpose. Floors and ceilings are left simple and unadorned, with the exception of lanterns that may hang from the ceiling. Accessories are kept to a minimum and windows take center stage.

Interior Design Tips from Modern Home Builders

Art instead of accessories: Instead of displaying trinkets on shelves and a blanket over the couch, use carefully selected pieces of art to accessorize your modern home. If you want to add a little extra punch to a room, use an area rug with a geometric pattern or a plain accent color.

Color: The prominent color schemes in new modern homes include white, black, neutrals and splashes of primary colors. Use brighter colors to enhance the look of a space. For example, in a room with a neutral color palette on the walls and floor, a pendant light with a brightly-colored shade can call attention to a dining table or a white vase full of colorful flowers on a coffee table can add a focal point to the living room. Think of color as a tool and a design element.

Function: Everything that you display in a modern home should serve a purpose that is about more than looking cute or trendy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate more than furniture essentials in a room; it means that you have an everyday purpose for everything that’s visible (and neatly tuck your toys away when you don’t use them).

Lighting: The primary source of lighting in a modern home comes from Mother Nature; thus the reason you find an abundance of huge windows and a lack of curtains in this architectural and design style. Strategic lighting then takes the place of the sun as the day grows darker, making a home seem as if it has a translucent look. Modern home builders share that the most common light fixtures you’ll find in a modern home include up-lights, pin lights, recessed lights, pendant lights, wall lamps, spotlights and dimmer switches.

Furniture: Modern homes use simple furniture with sleek, smooth and polished surfaces. The furnishings are high-impact pieces that are consistent with the other accents in your home and have clean lines with striking profiles.

When you have a modern home, its design lends itself to the illusion of larger spaces. Successfully modernizing a space takes good planning and careful consideration. Get ideas about storage solutions from modern home builders and consult with an interior designer if you find yourself struggling to create a modern space that meets the needs of your family.

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