How You Can Keep Safe In The House With Fire Safety

Stay Fire Safe

If you are an employer, a landlord or even an occupier you are responsible for the fire safety in the business premises as you all have a responsibility to work together and keep the building safe. Under the fire safety legislation protective equipment must be provided to business’ to ensure they can create an emergency plan if a fire was to happen. Risk assessments must be carried out to prevent and reduce the impact a fire may cause, it helps to identify significant risks and helps to maintain any precautions.

Smoke Alarm 

The main cause of deaths in a fire is suffocating from the enormous amount of smoke that the fire produces, along with the deadly gases given off – you may think that the flames are the cause of death but this is not the main reason. Fire does not wait for anyone, you have a minute or even less to escape a fire within a building, therefore having a smoke alarm can double your chances of escaping and ruling out death. Escape routes can become blocked by thick dangerous smoke, a smoke detector can help you to respond quicker and avoid inhalation of the fatal smoke. You must have a fire alarm fitted into the building you are occupying to prevent being trapped due to having no knowledge of the fire.


Another important piece of equipment that you should consider when working in a building are sprinklers – just like smoke alarms they automatically detect fires and activate. They direct large amounts of water onto the area to kill the fire, if a building has sprinklers in place then it is more likely to survive the fire. Sprinklers are one of the most effective pieces of fire safety equipment available to buildings.

Fire Extinguisher 

Fire Extinguishers are usually the most popular fire fighting equipment that is provided along with smoke alarms, companies who are much larger such as restaurants or oil and chemical based companies tend to use sprinklers. Extinguishers should be sited throughout the workplace and the right type of extinguisher should be located to the fire hazard so that the individual using it is not exposed to too much fire; training must be provided for the staff so they know the correct way of using the equipment.

Fire Safety Training 

In the case of a fire your whole team should know exactly what to do and what actions to take if a fire does happen. Regular fire drills must be carried out to ensure that staff know what to do and where to go, in relation to this appointing certain individuals to roles is important so they can use the extinguisher, contact the emergency services and also to assist the escape route as people exit the building. This shows a safe practice and will help the escape route plan run smoothly and will make sure everybody leaves the building safely and securely.

You must be ensure you are protected against any risk, having an Insurance policy will provide you with expert risk management teams who carry out fire risk assessments and provide a safe environment. The risk management team at Bollington ( can provide you with the correct service.

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