Ideal Corner Sofas for Your Living Rooms

Not so long ago, the glossy lifestyle magazines were full of country house style. You’d see a large, chintzy sofa, probably with a console table behind it and a roaring fire in front. It would take up most of the living room. Today’s designers are harking back to the fifties and sixties, a retro style which means clean lines and bright colours. Queen Anne chairs, begone! In come family-friendly, comfortable corner sofas.

The chief advantage of the corner sofa is that it saves space. Let’s face it, family living rooms are mostly used for watching television in. You don’t want to be fighting your children and pets for a seat. With comfortable corner sofas, there will be room for everyone and space for a table in front to hold your magazines/drinks/knitting. The type of sofa you choose will depend on the size of your room. These sofas vary from very large, curved ones, which would suit a big open-plan room, to small ones about the size of two armchairs placed at right angles to each other. The latter would be perfect for the smaller home, whether it’s modern or a traditional terraced house.

The beauty of modular systems is that you can add features to fit your needs. Want an extra seat? Add a module. Fancy a chaise longue-style sofa? Buy a chaise end corner one. Then add a matching footstool for lounging. IKEA, always on trend, offers a full range of sizes in classic black or light, modern colours like eggshell blue. There’s a good selection at John Lewis, with a choice of right or left facing sofas, with or without chaise ends, all in a great choice of colours. Moving upmarket, check out what Conran has to offer. Their Mex Cube Modular sofa is the ultimate in squashy comfort but is pricey. The cheaper Strips Sofa Set looks very modern (it’s designed in Milan) and the hot orange would certainly make an impact. If you prefer bespoke furniture, Wesley-Barrell’s Oxford Modular sofa provides super luxury in four sizes, with chaise and footstool options.

Once you’ve tried these comfortable corner sofas, you’ll wonder how you’ve managed with that old Chesterfield. Get the family seated, put your feet up and hand round the chocs.

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