How to Make a Soft Mattress Firmer?

A comfortable, firm and a flat mattress is the basic essential that guarantees a good sleep. Many times, people make mistakes while selecting the right mattress for them and end up with restless nights. It is a well-known fact that your body’s needs for comfort and support changes from time to time and therefore you need to select a mattress that complements all your body’s needs.

With time the mattress becomes saggy and loses its firmness. It is not possible every time to replace the old mattress with the new one and thus you must look for the much-needed tips on how to make a soft mattress firmer. Selecting a bed from the best platform beds is one of the options that keep the mattress closer to the floor but there are some other tips that can help in maintaining the right firmness of the mattress with time.


Some Useful Tips

Control the Temperature

This may come as a surprise to you but your room’s temperature can have an impact on the firmness of the mattress. A warmer temperature makes your mattress to lose its firmness quite easily whereas, if you maintain a temperature that keeps your room cold, it can help the mattress to sustain its firmness.

Provide Adequate Support

If you want to maintain the firmness of the mattress give it the required support like that of a plywood base. Always look for the fact of giving the right support to the mattress for keeping it firmer for a longer period.

Use Mattress Toppers

Cover your mattress with a topper. The covers are placed above the existing sheets to give them the desired support. Choose a cover with straps that can be wounded around the corners so that it doesn’t move and remain at the same place.

Sun Treatment

One of the easiest ways to keep your mattress firm for a longer period is to keep them under the sun in every few months. This sun treatment will not only help in drying the excess of moisture in the mattress but will also kill the prevailing bacteria.


You can try the option of flipping the mattress often if you have a mattress that can be used from both the sides. Flipping the side of the mattress, after every 6 months, will help the mattress to retain its shape and can increase the life span of the mattress.

Put the Mattress on the Floor

This is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to let your mattress retain its firmness. Placing a soft mattress on the floor can help it turn firm. Though, you may have to take care of the dust, bugs or other related issues when putting the mattress on the floor.


If you want to have a good sleep without spending too much in buying a new mattress, then you must follow the mentioned tips. Even if you have chosen the best mattress for platform beds, these tips will help in retaining the mattress for a much longer time span.

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