New Trend Alert: Turning Bathrooms Into Wet Rooms

“What exactly is a wet room?”

Well… Have you ever been to a luxury hotel and went to the shower only to realize that the shower is free standing (not fixated around a small bathtub) or not within a small confined space in the bathroom?  Then that, is exactly what a wet room is. Instead of having a conventional shower, you have an entire designated room; whether within the bathroom or the entire bathroom itself acting as your shower space / spa room. Utilizing the whole room in the same manner a spa or sauna would, a wet room just has the addition of a shower head orrainfall shower head – allowing you to bathe and to create the steam for your in-home sauna. Wet rooms therefore give off a sense of luxury and a way of creating your own in-home spa – turning every shower into a relaxing experience.

Wet rooms, as we are now all familiar with, are becoming increasingly popular. Especially in new buildings or renovations of old bathrooms and homes around the Los Angeles, Stockton, and Durham California areas and some United Kingdom cities.

Being a modified bathroom, instead of having a shower standing over a drain or bathtub, a wet room is designed to have the water run from its initial destination down to the drain due to a slight slope on the floor.

The ability to have a room where no moisture or water damage seeps into other parts of your home comes from the entire room being waterproof; from tiling on the floor, the walls, and to the ceiling. Due to being completely water resistant there is no need for shower screens or enclosureskeeping the moisture confined to a designated space.

The reason for their increased popularity is the sense of luxury they add to any home, creating large open spaces for you to relax and enjoy in, and the increased property value they add to your home. Due to the large open space many use their wet room as an in-home spa or sauna as a means to get away and relax whenever they’ve had a long stressful day.


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