Not a Handyman? 5 Simple Home Fixes for Everybody!

People usually call a handyman as soon as they notice any problem with their house. For some of us, repairing seems strange and complicated.

This cannot be farther from the truth. Yes, there are definitely some breaks that require professional approach. In majority of the cases, we can perform repairs ourselves.

Next time something breaks do not rush to call a repairman. Perhaps, it is something you can handle yourself. Here is our list of five easily fixable issues that you can address personally.

1. Repairing your roof

Similarly to other things on our list, roof repairs are rather rudimentary. They are in fact part of regular maintenance which you need to perform from time to time. It is common for shingles to get damaged. When the autumn comes, leaks will start appearing. But, it doesn’t have to be so. All you have to do is go on the roof once a year (during late summer) and check for damage or discoloration on shingles. This can be easily noticed. You can remove the troublesome shingle with a crowbar or similar metal bar. After that, slip a new shingle in place and secure it with nails.

2. Winterizing your pool

Pool is one of the most expensive things in your home. Furthermore, it is a type of investment that continuously bleeds money from your pocket. Costs increase if you tend to call a pool guy on a regular basis. Most of the repairs/maintenance can be done personally. First of all, make sure to clean the pool once per week (here’s a great guide on pool cleaning), rubbing the sides and skimming surface of the water. It is annoying job but it is necessary. Another thing most people have trouble with is winterization. For most, it seems as a complex procedure. During winterization, you will have to lower water level, remove all the water from pipes, hoses and pump, use chemicals, remove additional equipment and finally, cover the pool. The list may seem long but it consists of several rudimentary processes which you can easily take care of.

3. Checking your isolation

Bad isolation is one of the biggest issues during the winter. Not only does it make your home colder, it also increases your heating bills. In most of the cases, problem appears around the windows. Holes will start appearing which let in cold air from outside. Sometimes, there are small holes in wooden window frames that can also affect isolation. In case of holes, you can patch them up with some silicone. Unfortunately, if you notice damage to window frames, it is best if you replace them altogether.

4. Cleaning the furnace

Similarly to AC, people tend to call repairmen for their furnace. But, unless there is some real damage, you won’t need professional assistance. In most cases, furnace maintenance comes down to cleaning. Due to the nature of its function, furnace will always be filthy. You can easily handle this issue by cleaning sensors, filter, burner, blower and pilot. This alone will make your furnace run much more efficiently which will also lead to lower bills at the end of the month.

5. Patching the holes in concrete

It is common for holes to appear in your walls or pavement in front of your house. Even though this doesn’t seem as a big deal, it does lead to increased damage over time. As you can presume, these cracks only become bigger as the time goes by and ultimately, parts of your house may fall off. Do not wait for a handyman; address the problem yourself by using some asphalt filler.

With these simple tips, you will become a handyman in no time. There is no more need for spending large sums of money. Instead, you will be able to fix majority of stuff yourself!

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