Get Better at Gutter Maintenance

Homeowners come up with expensive and elaborate ways to protect their homes, but one area that often gets neglected is the gutters. Your gutters and downspouts are vital for directing rainwater away from your home, so it doesn’t leak in your basement or destroy your home’s foundation.

Tips to Select and Buy Patio Rugs

If you have a huge lounge, terrace, deck, patio you may have considered the installation of patio carpeting; which can significantly add to itsluxury. You will discover that the majority of patio rugs are made from materials that are artificial like polypropylene or olefin. Moreover, there are green fibered patio rugs like hessian or jute. The types vary mainly in the way that they are constructed or manufactured. They involve punch, grass, needle, and loop.Many individuals know the grass type of outdoor, indoor rug because it’s green and ismade to look like grass; however, you can get the grass rug in other colors such as red, blue and many other colors. Some can get crazy looking but the point to keep in mind is you can discover some other colorin additionto the green.

Some uses for patio carpet is for around screened in porch, hot tubs, pools, or even your garage area. As said before, when considering patioor indoor carpet, most of the individuals think of the simple greencolorgrass rug and grass plastic, but actually, some nicerugs are made specifically for the patio. This is something I had no idea when we were considering putting rug around our hot tub and pool. The options are a lot larger than I thought and you can really get some good-lookingrug areas that add some real attractive overall look to a terrace or patio.

Buying anything, even something as simple as a patio rug needs you to consider. You need to ensure that the cash you spend will be used to the maximum. Donot just compromise for any patio rug; select a very good patio rug for you! The best way you can do this is by setting some requirements according to your standard. What sort of requirements should you use?

The beauty:

Beauty is one of the essentialthings to keep in mind when purchasing the best patio rugs.  You should keep in mind the visual quality of the rug that you are about to buy. The main reason is thatpeople stand on the patio rug does not mean that they cannot see it. They can judge the attractiveness and the beauty with the patio rug through these qualities:

  1. a) Color:When you are selecting the beauty of the patio rug, keep I mind the color or the rug. This is because the color is actually the first thing that most of the people observe when they get a look at the patio rug. The patio rug, greenly, gets unclean very quickly. Because of this, you need to ensure that the colors you select will not show any dirt or dust quickly. It would be best if you select the world,colors like orange or green-brown so that it would actually age well and attract the guests significantly.
  2. b) Pattern: After selection of the color, send most importantthing in beauty is to check the pattern of the patiorug. You should select apatio rug, which has a pattern that’s unique and attractive. The pattern should inspire the appreciation or at least attract in a second look from your friends and family or the visitors.
  3. c) Texture – The texture of the rug is also an important thing to keep in mind when you are evaluating its beauty because looking at the various changes in the top of the rug allows you a look into the artisanship behind it. The good and unique t006xture allows you to assess the work that went into the production of apatio rug.
  4. d) Size – You need to have an idea concerning the sizes of patio rug you want. Smaller portions seem somewhat lovely to most of the people, but they may not provide the coverage necessary for individual’sfeet. Huge sizes may be able to contain complex styles, but you will find the opportunity that it would entice too much attention and maybe overcome other styles and designs in a room.

2) Strength and durability:

You shouldunderstand to assess apatio rugabout its strength and durability. Patiorugs are among the most misused things in our homesnow a day. You should discover a patio rug which can hold up against individuals who stand on it every opportunity that they get. Therefore, you should check out the artisanship and the materials used in the patio rug. This also signifies that you should understand how to assess the patio rug in terms of its durability.

3) Budget:

Budget plays a vital role in selection of your patio rugs. You need to buy apatio rug, which you know you are able to purchase easily according to your budget. Make sure to plan your budget. Try to get the most out of your hard-earned cash. It is just apatio rug, after all. You do not need to pay your body parts for apatio rug.

Bear in mind all these points when you are going to purchase the best patio rugs for your deck or trace.

Things To Check before Buying Ceiling Fan

In a tropical country like India, a ceiling fan is a must-have electrical appliance for any household. While it is true that ceiling fans are available in many varieties of shapes, sizes, styles, and tailored for particular purposes, purchasing the ideal ceiling fan for your home can be quite overwhelming if you lack adequate knowledge on the matter.

Let us guide you on this matter and help you avoid the buyer’s remorse. Here are seven things to look out for a while buying a ceiling fan.

Fan Size

It is important that you choose the fan size wisely for an ill-fitting fan in the room will not work to its optimum potential. Bigger rooms will require large fans and smaller rooms will require standard size or small ceiling fans. Check out these suggestions of fan size according to the room size:

  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = a 29-36 inch fan
  • Rooms ranging from 76-144 square feet = a 36-42 inch fan
  • Rooms ranging from 144-225 square feet = a 44-inch fan
  • Rooms ranging from 225-400 square feet = a 50-54 inch fan
  • Rooms of 500 square feet and above= a 60 inch (150 cm) fan

Ceiling Height and Downrod Length

The standard ceiling height for any room requiring a ceiling fan should be at least 8 feet, and not less. While rooms with around 8 ft ceiling height do not require a downrod for the ceiling fan, rooms having a ceiling height above 8 ft require downrods for the fan to function efficiently. Here are the suggestions of downrod length for ceilings above eight ft.:

  • 9 feet ceiling = 12-inch drop rod
  • 10 feet ceiling = 18-inch drop rod
  • 11 feet ceiling = 24-inch drop rod
  • 12 feet ceiling = 36-inch drop rod
  • 13 feet ceiling = 48 inch drop rod

Fan Efficiency

Once the above factors are done with, you need to check out the fan’s efficiency or its CFM. A fan’s CFM (cubic feet per minute) represents the amount of air it can circulate or move per minute. The higher a fan’s CFM, the more efficient it is for it will distribute a significant amount of air per minute, thus, providing better cooling.

Fan Motor

This is one of the essential components of a ceiling fan. The motor quality greatly determines the efficiency of a fan. Ceiling fans with high-performance motors such as DC or BLDC motors are the most efficient ones in the market now. These motors do not get heated up even after long hours of use and operate noiselessly. Since no heat is generated, the energy loss is minimum, making these ceiling fans the most energy efficient ones. Also, look out for ENERGY STAR labeled ceiling fans for they deliver excellent performance while consuming minimal energy. Atomberg’s Gorilla range of ceiling fans is the perfect example of energy efficient fans with powerful BLDC motors.

Fan Blades

Ceiling fans are available in varying blade sizes and styles. Although it is a common tendency to believe that fans with more number of blades are more efficient, it is not always so. Fans with more number of blades can only perform efficiently when equipped with powerful motors that can help overcome the aerodynamic drag. A fan with four blades is the ideal choice. Moreover, the blade pitch (angle of the blades) of the fan is also important. The standard pitch is between 12-15 degrees, and anything less than that will make the fan inefficient.


Purchasing a fan with a good warranty policy is the wise way to go. Most reputed fan manufacturers provide a warranty of about 3-4 years, repair and maintenance included. By purchasing the fans of those brands, you’d save yourself the hassle of repairing issues that usually crop up with prolonged usage.

Fan Style

With so many unique styles of ceiling fans ruling the market now, you have a wide range of choices. Vintage and antique style fans, modern ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights and ornamental pull chains, handcrafted ceiling fans with wooden/brass blades, and so much more. Choosing the right style of a ceiling fan according to your room decor will enhance the style quotient of the room.

So, the next time your purchase ceiling fans, be sure to keep these few tips in mind!



Top Trends in Home Security

As technology improves, so do the options available in the home security industry. It has never been easier, or more effective, to protect your family and your belongings. So what is trending in the home security market today? What features can you implement to help keep your home safer than ever? Here is a look at the top three home security trends for 2018:

Incorporating Home Automation

Home automation has come so far in the past few years. It now allows you to control nearly everything in your home from a device. From thermostats to lightbulbs to speakers and beyond, home automation makes it effortless to do pretty much anything in regard to your home. And now, home security can also be controlled via your smartphone, virtual assistant, or whatever other device you use.

Home automation is becoming more and more popular for a couple reasons:

  • Peace of Mind – With a home automation system, you can check on your house and the contents in it no matter where you are. Not only can you login and check your cameras and current security levels whenever you want, you can also set up instant notifications anytime there is motion detected by your cameras.
  • Convenience – How many times have you left your house, only to have to turn around because you forgot to lock the door? With home automation, you can lock the door from your device so you can save yourself the time of going back home.

Integrated Home Security Systems

These days, home security is so much more than door alarms and motion sensors. Today’s homeowners are loving the options available to them to ensure their families stay safe. With an integrated home security system, you can incorporate several types of security that will all work together to protect your home. Some of the options available to add into your system include:

  • Alarm System – This is probably what you think of when you initially think of home security: an alarm sounds when a door or window gets broken into, and the monitoring center is notified. An alarm system is at the core of any comprehensive home security system.
  • Surveillance Cameras– For a clear view of all corners of your home, both inside and out, you can install surveillance cameras. Some homeowners opt for cameras just at the main entries of the home, while others want to keep an eye on everything. Either way, today’s surveillance cameras can be accessed right through your phone.
  • Motion Sensors – These provide an extra layer of protection just in case someone is able to outsmart the door and window entry alarms. If any motion is detected, the alarm will sound and the monitoring center will be notified.
  • Addition Safety Sensors – For complete peace of mind, many integrated security systems also incorporate fire sensors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and medical emergency alerts.

Wireless Systems

Gone are the days of wired systems that require extensive installations and carry the inherent risk of getting the cables cut. With wireless home alarm systems, you can get the same benefits of a wired home security system, such as the dependability and instant notification of a break-in, but you can also enjoy these additional perks:

  • Simple Installation – With no wall holes or complicated wiring necessary, installing a wireless system is so simple you could do it yourself. Some wireless systems do still require screws on the wall to attach the sensors, while others can use removable, heavy-duty adhesives to stay in place.
  • Protection Against Cut Lines – With a wired system, burglars can cut your phone or power lines and render your system useless; however, with a wireless system, this risk is evaded.
  • Long-Term Use – Since the systems are not actually connected to the home, they are extremely portable. You can take them with you when you move, and you can even use them in a rental without upsetting your landlord.
  • Fast Upgrades – If you move into a larger home or decide you want to add more features to your system, you can easily configure new components to the system—no technician required.

With these incredible trends in the home security industry, it is easier than ever to protect your livelihood and your loved ones. Whether you incorporate home automation, opt for an integrated alarm system, or go with a wireless system, you will soon see why these features are trending.

Call the Residential Damage Remediation Specialists for Fast and Friendly Service

Most people move to residential areas for the added safety and security that these areas offer. When disasters strike, it doesn’t matter what your address is. Bad storms, unexpected fires, sewer backups, downed trees, water main breaks and many other situations can cause severe property damage wherever you live. It is wise to know which emergency clean up company to call in the sad and unexpected event of these and other emergency situations. DKI Services offer exceptional service in cleaning up after storms roll through, following devastating fires, resolution of water filled basements, property damage to trees or other items, garage damages, roof problems and many other undesirable incidents known to cause property damage.

Having the number of this superb company can give residents peace of mind if they are involved in any of the above potentially property damaging event or other situation. DKI strives to get their emergency response team out to the designated property in record time. These experts realize that prompt action can save property. These professionals have all of the latest equipment and specialized training to handle a multitude of property damaging events.

Call DKI Services first when a weather event or other situation occurs that threatens your property. The fully trained and prepared team will arrive with the necessary tools and special equipment needed to get the job completed in a fast time frame. They can eliminate water in your basement or other indoor area by the use of specialized water pumps. These professionals will accurately assess the entire property following a storm to pinpoint all pressing damages. Many times, these specialists are called on to handle and fix wind damage roof repair jobs due to high winds from strong storms. These professionals will also ensure that storm gutters are secure, and that there are no leaks due to the damaged roof.

Sometimes, water gets inside attics when high wind gusts blow off unsecured roof shingles. These experts will take a look around to ensure that the whole property is safe and secured. To find out about the many valuable services that DKI is available for, check-out their site at, and look into their valuable preventative services as well. These professionals have many years of experience in handling many sorts of residential property damage restoration services that many are grateful for.

Landscape Edging Ideas

If you are looking for curb appeal for your property, landscaping is the one thing that will bring it to life, and landscape edging is the pièce de résistance or finishing touch that can pull it all together for the front, back or garden area of a home. Whether you are enhancing or updating the look of your home’s exterior or getting ready to place your home on the market, landscape edging can give you the “edge” either way.

There are a number of different options for edging use. Knowing and understanding styles that will coordinate with your home as well as plants that are best suited for the environment of your property are all important considerations.

Landscape Edging Factors

With the availability of various edging materials in the marketplace today, it’s a good idea to check them out to determine what is workable and practical for your outside area, your individual style, creative sense and your budget. Any decisions made about landscape edging will likely be based on those factors, and the additional information that follows should give you a better idea of what can work for your situation and your home.

Edging Materials

Landscape edging comes in a range of material combinations and choices that include: brick, pavers, concrete, cinder blocks, stone, glass, metal, ceramic plates, wood, tiles, pottery, treated railroad ties, wire mesh panels (gabions), and various other materials that have either been recycled or repurposed.

Lawn Edging Ideas

You can get creative with lawn edging and design and devise all sorts of configurations to edge a lawn, garden or any other area that requires boundaries. Separation can be easy when you have an arrangement in mind that isolates one area of a yard or lawn from another. Ideas with landscape edging can be as simple as

Terra cotta clay pots, split or used whole, can be turned on their sides and placed along an area to be edged. They are a relatively inexpensive way to make attractive edging for areas where other larger clay pots or planters are being situated.

Cinder blocks are another less costly way to edge an area, particularly for a space against a house that requires a rectangular formation and double planting. Anyone heavily into gardening knows that they can use the middle portions of the blocks to add other plantings, like flowers or smaller plants, while the area behind the blocks is protected and can house other plants.

Malleable and aged metal is an edging that can be used for elevated or raised bed areas for plantings, and it is the type of edging that can be fairly inexpensive when it is found through recycling centers, second hand material community associations and other places that offer metal edging materials at discounted prices.

– One inexpensive approach to landscape edging is recycled glass bottles. They’re definitely on the inexpensive, literally free, side and they can make an attractive, colorful, durable and whimsical addition to the edges of any area where larger plantings are placed. The bottles can be buried long the section to be edged, plus they will likely outlast the shrubs, plants and anything else placed behind them because of their lasting quality.

– A gabion barrier or wall is a natural fence edging that might be unfamiliar to some, but it is another attractive and fairly easy way to create a barrier through wire basket structure. The edging is stable and can be combined with other materials and filled with colorful river rocks, wood, concrete pieces, stones, or other materials. A gabion has a base that is not easily eroded or shifted, and they are not only protective but environmentally friendly.

Plants You can Use with Edging

The most resilient plants to use with landscape edging are many and varied, but before using them with your edging be sure that they are adaptable to your climate or gardening zone. One hearty and lush perennial (long-lived) foliage plant, which is easy to grow and requires low to almost no maintenance is the Hosta plant. It is available in a host of varieties. Other plants that thrive with edging include:

Japanese forestgrass flourishes in the shade and produces mounds of foliage and makes a wonderful accent along landscape edging.

Sedum is a clumping plant that adds a neat and clean edge for larger plants. Sedum is hearty and holds up well in heat and during dry periods.

Alyssum is a flowering plant (annual) that produces beautifully fragrant white, pink, lavender and cream flower varieties and if cared for properly, it should bloom on a continuing basis throughout a growing season.

With the endless landscape edging ideas and robust plantings available to lawn and garden enthusiasts, almost anyone can find something that will coordinate with their front or backyard that suits their tastes and pocketbook. Whether you are edging a vegetable, herb, or flower garden as well as large shrubs, or areas with individual planters, there are both practical and inexpensive types of edging available that are either, new, used or recycled that can give you the edge when it comes to your exterior landscaping needs.