5 Must-Have Features for the Perfect Bathroom

Wouldn’t it be nice if your bathroom was reminiscent of a resort spa, complete with sleek finishes, relaxing colors, and glamorous appeal?

Unfortunately, major bathroom remodels can cost a lot of money, money that the average person doesn’t have, despite wanting to create a soothing retreat that can be enjoyed at the end of each day.

However, getting that high-end designer look doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, by adding these 5 must-have features to your drab bathroom, you will create a sanctuary you won’t ever want to leave.

1. His and Her Sinks

Stop sharing a sink with your loved one. Instead, build a beautiful vanity by installing double sinks and enjoy being able to sprawl out all your beauty ritual supplies.

2. Touch-Free Faucet

Touchless faucets aren’t just a fancy upgrade for the kitchen anymore.  One cost-effective way to make your bathroom extra special is to include touchless faucets, complete with a built-in soap dispenser.

Enjoy the added cleanliness, extra counter space, conservation of water, and sleek design.  When added together, these small details make using a touchless faucet that much more appealing.

3. Switch out Knobs and Pulls

Replacing existing drawer knobs and pulls can really bring your bathroom together in terms of visual appeal.  Outdated hardware is a drab.  Don’t let something so simple to replace bring the energy of your sanctuary down.

4. Replace the Shower head

There’s nothing like a nice hot shower to wash away the stress after a hard day’s work.  However, investing in the best rain shower head isn’t easy if you don’t do your research.  Make sure to cross check features, mounting type, settings, and price.

Altogether, this luxurious bathroom feature is an exceptional way to turn your everyday bathroom experience into something you look forward to.

5. Paint Your Serenity

It’s important to pick a calming color palette to come home to everyday.  Pay special attention to the permanent surfaces – ceramic tiles, fixtures, and flooring – when picking the color scheme to paint your bathroom in.

White, beige, and gray are neutral favorites that can make any bathroom look amazing.  Accessorize your bathroom with pops of colors using towels, window treatments, and shower curtains.

You don’t always have to worry about hefty price tags in order to enjoy the refuge that is your bathroom.  You also don’t have to neglect a room in your house that often goes unseen by even those closest to you.

Whether it’s too outdated, not relaxing enough, or you just want to add a personalized touch, try integrating some of these must-have features into your bathroom so you can collect your thoughts and prepare for yourself for day ahead.

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