How to Pick the Best Roofer in Crosby, TX

When looking for roofing in Crosby it’s important that you consider who is going to be doing your replacement. Roofing is a multi faceted industry and there are many contractors that are not qualified and insured to work on your home. In order to avoid thousands of dollars in damage and having issues down the road, we’ll help you choose the right contractor the first time!

1. Ask for Insurance

Insurance is the most important on this list. You don’t want to be liable for anyone getting hurt while on your property or have to cover damages to your neighbors homes. Ask for their insurance certificates and speak to their insurance provider to double check. Contractors with insurance are going to typically have higher bids, but knowing you will be covered makes up for this.

2. Make Sure Your Contractor is Local

You may have heard stories of people getting ripped off by roofing companies in the past, and a majority of them didn’t pick local contractors.

In the industry it is common for companies to chase storms and do work in the affected areas. The problem is that when the work is done the company is nowhere to be found and leaves you with what you got. Avoid this at all costs and go with local contractors that you know will be able to warranty and guarantee their work.

3. Don’t Choose Solely on Price

When it comes to roofing, price isn’t everything. Just because one bid is cheaper doesn’t mean the work will be good, and vise versa. A good rule of thumb is to pick the median of the bids you get, but also the company that appears most reliable. If they communicate well and give you all the information that you need then they are more likely to do a good job versus the company just trying to make a sale.

4. Have Everything in Writing

Have everything from your payment agreement to the job details in writing. This will cover you in case you have any disputes in terms of the work quality, warranties, and pricing. If a company is reluctant to do so, go with another company!

 5. Communication is Key

Go with the company that communicates with you best. Did they answer all of your questions? Return your calls? Explain everything a homeowner would need to know?

If they couldn’t accomplish this then they are a bad bet for replacing your roof. Be sure to follow these tips and avoid bad contractors!

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