You replaced your old garage door, now what?

Updating or replacing your old garage door can be a considerable task, but do you know what to do after everything is said and done?  Often a garage door installer will leave your old garage door and accompany parts behind.  That isn’t unusual, and they’ll most likely ask you if it’s okay simply because it saves them the trouble of having to dispose of it all themselves.  Now the question you have to ask yourself is ‘what do I do with this junk?”

Recycle it for quick cash

There are many scrap yards and composters willing to take those parts off your hands.  Though they pay for overall weight, it’s still a good idea to separate the materials.  Aluminum and Steel have different compositions so your panels may be worth one amount while the scrap rollers and cables are worth another.

Not only can recycling your components give you some extra money, but it helps keep your local landfills clear to lessen the environmental impact.

Give your old parts new life

If you’re handy with some basic tools and love to DIY stuff around the house, your old garage door parts can be a serious boon to a creative mind.  Instead of disposing of everything, you can make something entirely new.  If your garage door had wooden panels, for instance, they could easily be sanded, cut, primed and painted for any number of new Projects.  Maybe the den needs a new coffee table, or you want to build a garden bed on the patio, there’s no limit but what you set for yourself.  If you had aluminum panels, you can cut and reshape them into picture frames, or bend them into makeshift wind chimes.  The possibilities are endless.

With so much junk in America’s landfills today, finding ways to reuse your old garage door parts only helps keep the environment safe while giving you added value.  Turn something old into something new to give your home a fresh look.

Donate it

If your old garage door is still in decent shape, you can try donating it to organizations like Habitat for Humanity who can fix it up with new parts and help low-income families who can’t otherwise afford to buy a brand new garage door.  This kind of donation can also be tax deductible if you’re giving it to a recognized nonprofit organization.

Sell it

There’s always someone willing to buy what you have even if you consider it to be unusable junk.  If you’re not into the DIY lifestyle, someone else surely will be so putting your old door and scrap parts up for sale online or at an impromptu garage sale is another way to make some quick cash while keeping it out of the landfill.

Just make sure that if your door has a locking knob on it, that all keys accounted for, or you simply remove the lock entirely.  If you’re not comfortable with this, any professional Locksmith can assist you as it’s never too much to ask to ensure the safety of your home after you’ve parted ways with a large chunk of it.

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