Why your Residential Elevator needs Maintenance

Elevators are becoming more common in residential settings and are no longer limited to commercial use. Many people choose to have elevators installed for convenience, safety, or for mobility issues. Moreover, an elevator can definitely increase the resale value of the home.

When you have had a lift installed in the home, you will need to consider a schedule for routine maintenance and have the number of a repair professional handy, should any problems develop. Regular maintenance helps keep the elevator functioning properly and keeps all users in the home safe.

Some types of routine maintenance include adjustments, lubricating moving parts, replacing worn or broken parts, checking nuts and bolts, checking squeaks and noises, checking any vibrations, and inspecting the emergency alarm for proper function.

Why Maintenance is Important

  • Maintaining a home lift is important because the safety of those who use it is vital.
  • You will also want to make sure the elevator functions as it should with every use.
  • Function and reliability are two of the most important features of a home elevator.
  • A proper maintenance routine can help ensure that these important functions are always met and that everyone who uses the lift will be safe, with every use.

Elevator maintenance must meet certain legal standards. A professional elevator repair person will be able to keep the lift operating based on safety standards and will allow home occupants to continue using the lift. Prevention is often less costly than repair, so maintenance is a critical part of having a home elevator put to use.

You don’t want to face a situation where you must rely on the emergency operation protocols. A proper maintenance schedule will help you avoid costly repairs that may put the lift out of commission for a period of time.

When should your elevator be maintained?

The Model

There are many different lift models available to homeowners. Each model has working parts that may different from the next model. So, depending on the type of elevator you choose and who installs it, the maintenance schedule may be different. After initial installation, the elevator should be inspected and serviced at least yearly. If something does not seem to be functioning, you will need to call a lift technician right away, to avoid more costly repairs in the future.


Every city has its own regulations about elevator maintenance and service. So frequent maintenance may be needed to meet permit requirements. It is important to find out what your city requires, when having a home lift installed.

According to the Contract

A company that professionally installs home elevators will provide the right advice on when and how often they should be maintained. You may also have options written into the installation contract that define when maintenance is required and whether you are able to get coverage for maintenance and repairs.

While maintenance is generally suggested every year, there may be other features that require inspection periodically as well. To alleviate any fears of the elevator breaking down, make sure to call a professional for proper maintenance or the lift is not working as it should.

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