Simple Designer Home Decor Tips and Tricks

Let’s admit it;our creative demons are brought back to life when it comes to designing our homes and deciding the right list of decors. A lamp here and a table there. A curtain here and a shelf there. The adrenaline is so high that we sometimes tend to forget the minute and simple things which have the potential to add that extra touch of beauty to our house. We bring you some of the most simple and affordable tricks to help you with your preparations. If you’re still unwilling to spend extra money on your décor, we have got some home-made DIY decoration tips so you don’t really have to hire a royal designer for your house. Have a look below:

Tip #1: Beautifying an unusual corner – The bathroom!

Who else thinks that the bathroom is the next most satisfying part of your house after the bedroom? Accept it or not, you can’t escape this place. So why not beautify it? You can begin with using a good colour for your bath tub curtain. Go for a rug that is not only soft, but is also efficient in removing the dirt off your feet. Thirdly, you can go for an extra shelf to place your blow dryer or hair straightener. And not to forget; a good wall hanging for your air freshener is a must! Styled soap keepers and towel hangers will make sure the most essential stuff is always on place. And you thought there’s not much to do here?

Tip #2: Mirror-mirror on the wall.

Who’s the craftiest of them all? Without a doubt, mirrors absorb a good chunk of our time spent at home.Whether it is the first look in the morning or the last look before leaving for an important gathering. Mirrors are our life saviours.But it gets worse if you don’t find it where you actually want it.And if you do not want to bother your carpenter then we have the perfect DIY tip here. You can hang a mirror on almost any wall by tying a rope (a fairly strong one) around a nail. It will rest there for eternity. No extra fitting needed. No ground support needed. Well that was easy and FREE!

Tip #3: The bedroom.

Careful here. Keep your bedroom airy and the colours light. Instead of investing in huge beds, think of the right size which suffices your need. Thus, you can save area for other purposes as well. At, a quality house décor store, you can find a huge variety of bedroom accessories at a discounted price. It is a one-stop-shop for all your home décor needs. They also have a nationwide delivery service in the UK.

Tip #4: The living room.

Needless to say, this the most important part of your house. Your living room is where your guests arrive and hence, it is of prime importance to invest your mind and money on this place. Like the bedroom, even the living room must be kept airy and light. It gives a sense of extra space and the colour gives solace to the mind. You can use your living room as a casual study/reading area too. Just place your chair near your window to give yourself enough light during the day. Or use it for a late night talk after dinner facing your garden or the city-light. A chain of L-shaped sofa set with a classy lamp is a must have for any living room.

Tip #5: While you dine.

Your dining area can be littered with simple DIY decoration sets. Good food sprinkled with toppings of love and affection is the right way to end an exhausting day at work. For example, you can prepare a heart-shaped string wreath hanging at a height above the dining table or place a set of glasses upside down to hold your candles for a quick candle light dinner. Fruit and bread baskets can also be given some space on your dining table. This way you will always have the substance for a quick morning munch.

Tip #6: For the children

Barkers and Stonehouse gives you an outright solution for your children’s bedroom décor. You can design your children’s bedroom with innumerable DIY apparels. You can even involve your children in preparing them. Wall art made from toilet paper, vases decorated with colourful charts and curtains stringed with lights. These simple tricks will set your children’s mood on the higher side whenever they enter their bedroom. A sound and peaceful sleep for your children will lead to them performing will at school and play.

Tip #7: Wall art

If you’re a huge fan of the famous art show ‘Art Attack’, then you must have definitely seen several wall arts which can be applied on our walls. You can use transparent wallpapers with floral designs on your window shade to give a natural look. You can paint your house on your own with little practice. Make it colourful with an array of light shades on every edge. Apart from that, you can design curtains out of paper and hang them on empty wall spaces.

It is important that the place which we call home gives us a fresh feeling every time we enter it. And when we return, it gives us a pleasing environment with our loved ones. Home décor is important and we hope our mix of affordable and DIY tips and tricks has made you prepared for a total revamp.

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